Level 1 of Newman Tower of Collections and Exploration

Level 1 of the Newman Tower of Collections and Exploration features six display cases curated by Professor Ken Botnick and Cassie Brand, Curator of Rare Books.

Ken Botnick: Making Books by Hand                                                                                               

“B is for Beckett” by Mary Jo Bang. Printed, designed, and bound by Ken Botnick. (St. Louis, Mo. : Emdash, 2012)

Ken Botnick teaches in the Sam Fox School and serves as director for the Nancy Spirtas Kranzberg Studio for the Illustrated Book. The exhibit showcases his innovative experiments in printing and typography and features books made in collaboration with writers Mary Jo Bang and William Gass. The exhibit also includes Diderot Project, a limited-edition book inspired by Botnick’s work with the University Libraries’ copy of Denis Diderot’s Encyclopédie. The exhibit will be on view through June 2019.