Won by a Sweet Screening & Talk

  • July 16, 2020 • 4 PM – 5 PM
  • Zoom

Join curator of Film and Media Andy Uhrich and film preservationist Tyler Bequette for a screening of Won by a Sweet, a 1929 industrial film that was preserved and digitized by Washington University Libraries’ Film & Media Archive. Andy and Tyler will share the story of how this unusual silent film was discovered, preserved, and later scored for its screening at the 2019 St. Louis International Film Festival.

The screening will begin with a brief introduction on Zoom. Attendees will switch over to watch the 22-minute film on Vimeo, then hop back onto Zoom for a short talk and Q&A with Andy and Tyler.

The event is open to all, but preregistration by July 15 is required.


About the Film

Won by a Sweet was commissioned by the National Confectioners’ Association and produced by R. P. Young Productions. It tells the fictional story of a track coach who, wanting the best performances from his athletes at the State Track Meet, implements a no-candy rule. When his star athlete is caught eating candy before the meet, the coach has no choice but to remove him from the squad. However, as the big meet approaches, the coach, too, toys with the idea of eating candy. In a surreal hallucination, the coach is visited by the “Spirit of Candy,” who liberates the coach from his misperception that candy isn’t healthy.

Original score composed by the Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra for the 2019 St. Louis International Film Festival. The film was preserved and digitized through the generous funding of the National Film Preservation Foundation.