The Power & Responsibility of Data

  • October 7, 2020 • 5 PM – 6 PM
  • Zoom

Join WashU faculty and staff members from University Libraries on a discussion around big data as it relates to the Common Reading Program book this year—Weapons of Math Destruction.

Panelists will include Jennifer Moore, Dorris Scott, Mollie Webb, and Bill Winston from the University Libraries’ Data Services unit, in a discussion moderated by Rudolph Clay, head of Library Diversity Programs and Policy.

This session is tailored for Washington University alumni, but all are welcome to attend. Pre-registration is required.

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People often point to “the data” as evidence for action. While it’s true that data gathering, description, analysis, and communication have an enormous potential for research and decision-making, it requires intentional planning, management, solid methods, and transparent methods documentation, and data sharing to be trustworthy. The truth of the matter is, data communication, whether it’s through maps, charts, or infographics, can only tell a part of the story—usually the part that the communicator deems important. Further, readers often are not prepared to ask critical questions about the data to understand if a data presentation is meaningful or accurate, because they are not data literate.