eMO ebooks collection now available to all WU users

eMO is a collection of EBSCO ebooks for participating MOBIUS libraries. Becker Medical Library was recently added so now all WU users may access these ebooks. The eMO collection currently includes more than 177,000 fulltext titles, many of which may be downloaded. Titles are added 5-6 times/year. These titles may not be permanently available; sometimes books are removed.

eMO includes these sub-collections:
eBook Academic Collection
eBook Clinical Collection
eBook Community College Collection
eBook High School Collection
eBook K-8 Collection
eBook Public Library Collection

More information about EBSCOhost ebooks.

About the author

Ruth is a librarian at Washington University for biology, math, history of science; she is also scholarly communications coordinator. Email: rlewis@wustl.edu Phone: 314-935-4819