eJournals added for biology and updates to JoVE Science Education modules, January, 2016

Journal of Vegetation Science, 1997+; Wiley; WU access only; access at publisher site restored; also continues to be available via JSTOR, 1990-5 years ago

Nature Microbiology, v.1, 2016+; Springer Nature; WU access only

Statistical Methods in Medical Research, v.8, 1999+; Sage; WU access only

JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) Science Education Collections now feature closed captions. To turn on closed captions for a video, place the cursor at the bottom of the video’s screen and click on the rectangular box that appears between the time of the video and the volume icon. We have access to Becker Medical Library subscriptions to the following JoVE Science Education Collections:

About the author

Ruth is a librarian at Washington University for biology, math, history of science; she is also scholarly communications coordinator. Email: rlewis@wustl.edu Phone: 314-935-4819