East Asian Library Update: Just Moved!

The staff of the East Asian Library – Tony Chang, Wanqiu Zhu and Ryuta Komaki – have moved to a temporary office in Olin Library. They can be reached using the same email addresses and phone numbers – East Asian Library/Wanqiu Zhu: 314-935-5525, ea@wumail.wustl.edu; Tony Chang: 314-935-4816, tchang@wustl.edu; Ryuta Komaki: 314-935-5155, rkomaki@wustl.edu. Please also continue to use the same Campus Box address (1061) for sending physical mail.

The temporary offices for the East Asian Library staff is anticipated to move again in mid-January. Please keep an eye for any further updates. Please visit them in Suite 202 on Olin Library Level 2 (former Center for Diversity & Inclusion space) in the meantime.

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