DSTS Series: Free and Open Source Tools (GIMP, Taguette, Recap)

Check back every week, we will share staff picks of some of our favorite free and opens source tools!


April 17th, 2020


Emily Stenberg
Scholarly Publishing and Digital Scholarship Manager

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) allows you to edit digital photos and images. This is a useful tool if you don’t have (or don’t want to pay for) expensive image editing tools.


Jennifer Moore
Head of Data services

Taguette is a free and open source tool that allow you to conveniently tag text based documents, collaborate and export for analysis. Taquette (tag it) is a great alternative to expensive qualitative data tools to do basic coding.



Micah Zeller
Head of Scholarly Communications Services

RECAP Archive and browser extension for federal court documents (decisions, filings, briefs, etc.). Despite their obvious public import, these are not freely available to citizens, but instead must be accessed through PACER, which imposes quarterly search and retrieval limits. The extension works great if you’re searching dockets. And the archive is enormous public resource.


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