Dorris Scott

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Dorris Scott
Job Title
Social Science Data Curator; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Librarian
Phone Number
(314) 935-5498


Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Social Science Data Curation


As the GIS Librarian and Social Science Data Curator at Washington University Libraries, Dorris provides consultation on projects that use geospatial data and provides training in GIS software, programming applications of geospatial data, and data management. She also serves as a liaison between the University Libraries and social science departments, assisting faculty with their data needs. Dorris has been at the University Libraries since 2019. Before joining the University Libraries, Dorris received her PhD in Geography from the University of Georgia, with a specialization in GIS applications for public health.

Selected projects, activities, and accomplishments

  • Racial Violence Archive: An online database of information related to racist violence in U.S. History
  • Regional Education Assessment Database: An online database of information related to educational achievement in Missouri
  • Data Is Lit library research workshop focused on establishing practices to become more data literate
  • R vs Python: Love Them Both workshop introducing common data analysis tasks in the R and Python programming languages
  • Rees, A., Hawthorne, T., Scott, D., Solis, P. & Spears, E. (2020). Toward a Community Geography Pedogagy: A Focus on Reciprocal Relationships and Reflection. Journal of Geography.
  • Shannon, S., Hankins, K., Shelton, T., Bosse, A., Scott, D., Block, D., Fischer, H., Eaves, L., Jung., J., Robinson, J., Solis, P., Pearsall, H., Rees, A., & Nicolas, A. (2020). Community Geography: Toward a Disciplinary Framework. Progress in Human Geography.