Digital Baboon

Data Services (DS) is working on an ongoing data curation project of analog data collected by Dr. Jane Phillips-Conroy and Dr. Cliff Jolly for their Awash National Park Baboon Research Project (ANPBRP) in Ethiopia. These data were collected over a 30-year period to determine hybridity of the olive and hamadryas baboons from the study area’s hybrid zone. In collaboration with Dr. Philips-Conroy, DS is digitizing, managing and preserving these data for the long-term. This collection includes field sheets, slides, palm prints and tooth casts. In addition to 2D data, 3D scans are being made of the 2000 plaster casts collected during their field work. Data are not currently available for reuse, but that is the ultimate project goal.

For more information about this project check out this poster presented by Jennifer Moore and Cynthia Hudson-Vitale at the 2014 GPN/GWLA Annual Meeting, Kansas City, Missouri, May 28-30, 2014.

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