December New Physics Books

Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics

QB9 A6 v.55 (2017)

Annual review of nuclear and particle science.

QC173 .A52 v.67 (2017)

Calorimetry : energy measurement in particle physics / Richard Wigmans.

QC793.46 .W54 2017

The discourse of physics : building knowledge through language, mathematics and image / Y.J. Doran.

QC6 .D6197 2018

Electronic states in crystals of finite size : quantum confinement of Bloch waves / Shang Yuan Ren.

QD921 .R44 2017

Geophysical waves and flows : theory and applications in the atmosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere / David E. Loper.

QC157 .L67 2017

Multiple representations in physics education / David F. Treagust, Reinders Duit, Hans E. Fischer, editors.

QC30 .M85 2017

Niels Bohr and the philosophy of physics : twenty first century perspectives / edited by Jan Faye and Henry Folse.

QC16.B63 N494 2017

Non-equilibrium evaporation and condensation processes : analytical solutions / Yuri B. Zudin.

QC304 .Z83 2018

Nonequilibrium statistical physics : a modern perspective / Roberto Livi, Paolo Politi.

QC174.86.N65 L58 2017

Signal processing for radiation detectors / Mohammad Nakhostin.

QC787.C6 N35 2018

The simple physics of energy use / Peter Rez.

TJ163.2 .R49 2017

Statistical Physics for Electrical Engineering / Neri Merhav.

QC174.8 .M47 2018

String theory methods for condensed matter physics / Horaţiu Nǎstase.

QC794.6.S85 N37 2017

Superconducting devices in quantum optics / Robert H. Hadfield, Göran Johansson, editors.

TK7872.S8 S87 2016

Thermodynamic properties of cryogenic fluids / Jacob W. Leachman, Richard T Jacobsen, Eric W. Lemmon, Steven G. Penoncello.

QD504 .J33 2017

Wave propagation and diffraction : mathematical methods and applications / Igor T. Selezov, Yuriy G. Kryvonos, Ivan S. Gandzha.

QC157 .S45 2018

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