December New Physics Books

Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics
QB9 A6 v.54 (2016)
Annual review of nuclear and particle science.
QC173 .A52 v.66 (2016)
Bayesian inference : data evaluation and decisions / Hanns Ludwig Harney.
QC20.7.B38 H37 2016
Carbon quantum dots : synthesis, properties and applications / Raz Jelinek.
QC611.6.Q35 J35 2017
The continuum limit of causal fermion systems : from Planck scale structures to macroscopic physics / Felix Finster.
QC793.5.F42 F56 2016
Cosmic magnetic fields / Philipp P. Kronberg.
QB462.8 .K76 2016
Defect evolution in cosmology and condensed matter : quantitative analysis with the velocity-dependent one-scale model / C.J.A.P. Martins.
QB981 .M37 2016
Digital underwater acoustic communications / Tianzeng Xu, Lufen Xu.
QC242.2 .X82 2017
Discovery of the Higgs boson / editors, Aleandro Nisati, Vivek Sharma.
QC793.5.B62 D57 2017
Discrete systems and integrability / J. Hietarinta, N. Joshi, F.W. Nijhoff.
QC20.7.I58 H54 2016
Einstein and twentieth-century politics : ‘a salutary moral influence’ / Richard Crockatt
QC16.E5 C76 2016
Essential university physics / Richard Wolfson.
QC21.3 .W65 2016 v.1-2
Fundamentals of nuclear models : foundational models / David J. Rowe, John L. Wood.
QC793.3.S8 R68 2010
Hadrons at finite temperature / Samirnath Mallik, Sourav Sarkar.
QC793.5.H32 M35 2016
Heat transfer in aerospace applications / Bengt Sundén, Juan Fu.
TL545 .S7 2017
Lectures on quantum mechanics : with problems, exercises and their solutions / Jean-Louis Basdevant.
QC174.12 .B37 2016
A most improbable journey : a big history of our planet and ourselves / Walter Alvarez.
QE501 .A585 2017
Non-relativistic QED theory of the van der Waals dispersion interaction / Akbar Salam.
QC680 .S36 2016
The physics of solids / J.B. Ketterson.
QC176 .K48 2016
The principles of quantum theory, from Planck’s quanta to the Higgs boson : the nature of quantum reality and the spirit of Copenhagen / Arkady Plotnitsky.
QC174.12 .P623 2016
Quantum field theory / Edouard B. Manoukian.
QC174.45 .M36 2016
Random tensors / Razvan Gurau.
QC174.46 .G87 2017
Refractive indices of solids / Stepan S. Batsanov, Evgeny D. Ruchkin, Inga A. Poroshina.
QC387 .B387 2016
Searching for dark matter with cosmic gamma rays / Dr. Andrea Albert.
QB791.3 .A537 2016
Solid state physics.
QC173 .S477 v.67
Sound propagation through the stochastic ocean / John A. Colosi.
QC242.2 .C646 2016
Spectroscopic analysis of optoelectronic semiconductors / Juan Jimenez, Jens W. Tomm.
TA1750 .J55 2016
Tensor analysis and elementary differential geometry for physicists and engineers / Hung Nguyen-Schafer, Jan-Philip Schmidt.
TA1750 .J55 2016
Void : the strange physics of nothing / James Owen Weatherall.
QC28 .W43 2016
The wave concept in electromagnetism and circuits : theory and applications / edited by Henri Baudrand, Mohammed Titaouine, Nathalie Raveu.
QC661 .W38 2016

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