December New Math Books

3000 Years of Analysis  by Thomas Sonar
Al-Kashi’s Miftah al-Hisab, Volume II: Geometry  by Nuh Aydin, Lakhdar Hammoudi, Ghada Bakbouk
Approximation Theory XVI  by Gregory E. Fasshauer, Marian Neamtu, Larry L. Schumaker
Classification of Complex Algebraic Surfaces by Ciro Ciliberto
Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation  by Dietmar P.F. Möller
DUNE — The Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment  by Oliver Sander
Environmental Data Analysis  by Carsten Dormann
Examples and Problems in Advanced Calculus: Real-Valued Functions  by Bijan Davvaz
Excel 2019 for Human Resource Management Statistics, 2nd ed.  by Thomas J. Quirk, Julie Palmer-Schuyler
Extrapolation and Rational Approximation  by Claude Brezinski, Michela Redivo-Zaglia
Geometry and its Applications in Arts, Nature and Technology, 2nd ed.  by Georg Glaeser
Heterogeneity in Statistical Genetics  by Derek Gordon, Stephen J. Finch, Wonkuk Kim
In the Tradition of Thurston  by Ken’ichi Ohshika, Athanase Papadopoulos
Introduction to C*-Algebras and the Classification Program  by Karen R. Strung, Francesc Perera
Introduction to Data Systems  by Thomas Bressoud, David White
Introduction to Functional Analysis  by Christian Clason
Introduction to Statistics in Metrology  by Stephen Crowder, Collin Delker, Eric Forrest, Nevin Martin
Involutive Category Theory  by Donald Yau
Lectures on the Geometry of Manifolds by L. I. Nicolaescu
Lie Models in Topology  by Urtzi Buijs, Yves Félix, Aniceto Murillo, Daniel Tanré
Machine Learning for Authorship Attribution and Cyber Forensics  by Farkhund Iqbal, Mourad Debbabi, Benjamin C. M. Fung
Mathematical Modelling in Real Life Problems  by Ewald Lindner, Alessandra Micheletti, Cláudia Nunes
Mathematics (Education) in the Information Age  by Stacy A. Costa, Marcel Danesi, Dragana Martinovic
Measure, Integration and a Primer on Probability Theory  by Stefano Gentili
Modal View of Atmospheric Variability  by Nedjeljka Žagar, Joseph Tribbia
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Processes HPSC 2018  by Hans Georg Bock, Willi Jäger, Ekaterina Kostina, Hoang Xuan Phu
Nonuniformly Hyperbolic Attractors  by José F. Alves
Operator Theory, Operator Algebras and Their Interactions with Geometry and Topology  by Raul E Curto, William Helton, Huaxin Lin, Xiang Tang, Rongwei Yang, Guoliang Yu
Pioneering Works on Distribution Theory  by Nobuaki Hoshino, Shuhei Mano, Takaaki Shimura
Point Process Calculus in Time and Space  by Pierre Brémaud
Progress on Difference Equations and Discrete Dynamical Systems  by Steve Baigent, Martin Bohner, Saber Elaydi
Puzzles of Nobuyuki Yoshigahara  by Andy Liu, George Sicherman, Takayuki Yoshigahara
Reassessing Riemann’s Paper, 2nd ed.  by Walter Dittrich
Research in Mathematics and Public Policy  by Mary Lee, Aisha Najera Chesler
Sequents and Trees  by Andrzej Indrzejczak
Singular Intersection Homology by Greg Friedman
Skew PBW Extensions  by William Fajardo, Claudia Gallego, Oswaldo Lezama, Armando Reyes, Héctor Suárez, Helbert Venegas
Space-Time Geometries for Motion and Perception in the Brain and the Arts  by Tamar Flash, Alain Berthoz
Statistical Analysis of Graph Structures in Random Variable Networks  by V. A. Kalyagin, A. P. Koldanov, P. A. Koldanov, P. M. Pardalos
Statistics for Health Data Science  by Ruth Etzioni, Micha Mandel, Roman Gulati
Stochastic Dynamics in Computational Biology  by Stefanie Winkelmann, Christof Schütte
Stochastic Games and Related Concepts  by T. Parthasarathy, Sujatha Babu
Substitution and Tiling Dynamics: Introduction to Self-inducing Structures  by Shigeki Akiyama, Pierre Arnoux
Topological Methods in Data Analysis and Visualization V  by Hamish Carr, Issei Fujishiro, Filip Sadlo, Shigeo Takahashi
Transactions on Rough Sets XXII  by James F. Peters, Andrzej Skowron
Turnpike Theory for the Robinson–Solow–Srinivasan Model  by Alexander J. Zaslavski
Understanding quaternions edited by Peng Du, Dong Ding, Zhuoyue Li
Using Mathematics to Understand Biological Complexity  by Rebecca Segal, Blerta Shtylla, Suzanne Sindi

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