Support for Selected Analysis Software

Data Services (DS) staff provide access and limited technical support for selected analysis software products.

Our software application strengths include:

R and RStudio – An open-source scripting language and platform for statistical computing and visualization. DS staff can provide installation assistance and basic troubleshooting.
DS Staff Contact: Dr. Cindy Traub

ArcGIS Desktop – DS staff administer the University ESRI Educational Site License. Services include software licensing, access to installation files, and first-tier technical support for the available suite of products. DS staff can troubleshoot problems, coordinate escalated support for complex issues, help you access online training, and provide project planning advice. For information about obtaining ArcGIS Desktop, see the GIS Software Installation LibGuide.
DS Staff Contacts: Jennifer Moore, Mollie Webb, Bill Winston

QGIS – As a free and open source (FOSS) geographic information system, QGIS offers an alternative to proprietary spatial analysis and mapping applications. Many public and private institutions have implemented QGIS as their primary GIS application and usership is growing world-wide. The base QGIS functionality is enhanced by a comprehensive library of community-developed plugins that provide many of the spatial tools necessary for analysis and visualization.
DS Staff Contacts: Jennifer Moore, Mollie Webb

ArcGIS Online (AGOL) – This cloud-based platform enables sharing of spatial datasets and the creation of interactive maps, web mapping applications, and “Story Maps” that are accessible, functional, informative, and aesthetically pleasing. Our team is responsible for administration of the University’s ArcGIS Online Organizations and we provide account set up and management, access to training, and guidance on project development.
DS Staff Contacts: Jennifer Moore, Mollie Webb, Bill Winston

These and other data analysis software applications can be accessed in the Research Studio in Olin Library (Level A, Room A06), a collaborative workspace available to the University community.