Data Services (DS) offers specialized scanning capabilities to complement the suite of scanning options offered by the University Libraries.

3D Scanning

3D scanned rendering of baboon jaw
Please contact Jennifer Moore for more information on the 3D scanning technology listed below.

  • The Makerbot Digitizer is a consumer grade scanner, which produces fast, easy scans at 2.0mm accuracy and 0.5mm resolution.
  • The HDI Advance R3X, a more advanced scanning solution, collects millions of points at an average of .055mm resolution.

2D Scanning

Slide Scanning
A Braun Multimag Slidescan 6000 for high-quality slide scanning. Please contact Jennifer Moore for details or to schedule an appointment.

Large Format Scanning
A Graphtec CS 510 Scanner is available for large format document scanning. Please contact Bill Winston for details or to schedule an appointment.

  • Standard cost is $2.50 per sheet scanned
  • self-service (with instruction)
  • supports direct sheet feed, and can accept documents up to 42″ wide
  • industry standard outputs are supported in color, grayscale or black & white.
  • clear acetate sheet to cover source documents and protect the scanner optics recommended