New Resource: Making Maps

Making Maps: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS, Third Edition by John Krygier and Denis Wood is a book that will appeal to both beginners and experienced GIS practitioners who are interested in learning more about map design. As the title suggests, the book takes a visual approach to exploring the best practices for making maps. Topics include map symbolization, map scales, map projections, and obtaining data. The visual examples that accompany the text will engage the reader. Krygier and Wood cleverly embed these lessons within a graphicnovel story about a group of people who want to create a map to address a community issue.  

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About the author

As the Head of Data Services at Washington University in St. Louis, Moore directs services in digital data management, curation, analysis, visualization, literacies, and GIS. She was a co-PI on the IMLS grant, Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation (CS3DP), which continues to bring stakeholders together to establish agreement on how to make 3D data long-lasting (book forthcoming); a partner and curator in the Data Curation Network (DCN), which has created a shared curation model for institutions; a co-PI on the IMLS Specialized Data Curation Workshop grant, which is focused on training curators in DCN methods; and the WashU Representative for the Research Data Alliance, an international organization addressing research data. Moore is program faculty in International and Area Studies and a GIS instructor in the UCollege.