Christmas Gift Ideas from Ladies’ Home Journal

Just in time for the holidays, below are a few Christmas gift ideas from Ladies’ Home Journal, one of the magazines you can find in our Periodicals Collections.

Handmade cravats, watch fobs, ash trays, and laundry bags are some of the ideas “fourteen men suggested…as acceptable Christmas gifts” in the November 15, 1910 issue.

mghl_periodical_christmas 2

From the Christmas 1915 issue, this feature on last minute gift ideas “for those who have been busy with other affairs” observes that there’s still enough time to crochet slippers, a bag, or hat trimmings.

mghl_periodical_christmas 3

A page from the November 15, 1910 issue  notes that because “youthful enthusiasm is at its height during college days” handmade blankets, pennants, and pillows bearing the school’s name will “bring a thrill of pleasure and happy recollections to the students at home.”

mghl_periodical_christmas 4

Our favorite Christmas present idea comes from a December 15, 1910 issue that recommends a puppy or kitten for the child who already has plenty of toys. The feature suggests presenting the new pet with a bow tied around its neck, sitting in a basket decorated with ribbon and holly. (While the animals images are likely to draw your attention first, don’t overlook the art by illustrator Florence E. Storer at the top of the page.)

About the author

Andrea Degener is the Visual Materials Processing Archivist in the department of Special Collections at Washington University Libraries.