Celebrate National Cat Day with MGHL

October 29 is National Cat Day.  The cats have been anxiously waiting since the dogs got their day back in August.

You could celebrate this special day by offering your cat a tasty treat.


by Earl Blossom, for Ambassador of Love, in Colliers, October 20, 1945.

It’s probably best to stay away from the alcoholic beverages though.  What about offering some milk instead?

mghl_cat 2

by Jessie Wilcox Smith, Good Housekeeping, March 1920

If you decide to have a treat yourself, make sure to ask your cat first if she would like one.  Your cat, of course, will ignore you, and then later make her presence known when she is ready to eat.  This will happen at the most inopportune time of your conversation.

mghl_cat 3

by Al Parker, for No Traveler Returns, July 1945.

Remember to not get so caught up in your conversation that you forget to pay attention to your feline friend.  Otherwise, you’ll have one unhappy kitty.

mghl_cat 4

by Perry Peterson, for Who Wants to Travel Anyway?, in Saturday Evening Post, January 26, 1946.

Be careful though, if your cat blends into the carpet right under your feet.

mghl_cat 5

by Al Parker, for A Matter of Convenience, in McCalls, October 1961

After your cat has had a nice nap, let her run around in the yard to celebrate this special day.  Feel free to invite someone over to help celebrate, just as long as he’s not allergic to cats.

mghl_cat 6

by Jon Whitcomb, for The Plumber Who Stayed for Dinner, in McCalls, August 1959.

Don’t forget at the end of the celebration to give your guests party favors…

mghl_cat 7
By Al Parker, for The Amethyst Cat in Ladies’ Home Journal, March 1958.

Cat-themed favors that is, not table lamps, although your cat might prefer the lampshade.


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