October New Physics Print Books

By Alison Verbeck on November 1, 2019

About stars : their formation, evolution, compositions, locations and companions / Michael M. Woolfson. QB801 .W66 2020 Applied Bohmian mechanics : from nanoscale systems to cosmology / [edited by] Xavier Oriols, Jordi Mompart. QC174.12 .A67 2019 Human interaction iwth electromagnetic fields : co...

October Springer Physics eBooks

By Alison Verbeck on November 1, 2019

AdS3/CFT2 and Holographic Entanglement Entropy   by  Jie-qiang Wu Advances in Spectroscopy: Molecules to Materials   by  Dheeraj Kumar Singh, Sourav Das, Arnulf Materny Black Hole Formation and Growth   by  Tiziana Di Matteo, Andrew King, Neil J. Cornish, Roland Walter, Philippe Jetzer, Lucio May...

Recently Published Papers in Physics

By Alison Verbeck on November 1, 2019

HiCal 2: an instrument designed for calibration of the ANITA experiment and for Antarctic surface reflectivity measurements Authors: Prohira, S.; Novikov, A.; Besson, D.Z.; Ratzlaff, K.; Stockham, J.; Stockham, M.; Clem, J.M.; Young, R.; Gorham, P.W.; Allison, P.; Banerjee, O.; Batten, L.; Beatty...


By Alison Verbeck on November 1, 2019

The Physics Library will be closed for Thanksgiving Break, Thursday, November 28 – Friday, November 29.

New Electronic Lab Notebook Resource Now Available

By ksinger on October 30, 2019

In Fall of 2019 the university subscribed to LabArchives, which is an electronic lab notebook (ELN). ELN’s allow researchers to record fieldwork traditionally done on paper via digital tools. All affiliated researchers have access to LabArchives with their WUSTL Key. There’s functiona...

Read Your Favorite Professional Journals Using BrowZine

By Melissa Vetter on October 15, 2019

Did you know you can access BrowZine in multiple ways? BrowZine is available from your web browser and as a mobile app for your iOS and Android devices. Most of us go back and forth between our desktop computer, laptop and mobile devices throughout the day. Your BrowZine Account makes accessing y...

Nobel Prize in Physics 2019

By Alison Verbeck on October 9, 2019

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2019 was awarded on October 9 “for contributions to our understanding of the evolution of the universe and Earth’s place in the cosmos” with one half to James Peebles, Princeton University, “for theoretical discoveries in physical cosmology,̶...

September New Physics Print Books

By Alison Verbeck on September 30, 2019

The emergence of spacetime in string theory / Tiziana Vistarini. QC173.59.S65 V52485 2019 From random walks to random matrices : selected topics in modern theoretical physics / Jean Zinn-Justin. QC174.12 .Z56 2019 High-power laser-plasma interaction / C.S. Liu, V.K. Tripathi, Bengt Eliasson. QC71...

September Springer Physics eBooks

By Alison Verbeck on September 30, 2019

Advanced Linear Machines and Drive Systems   by  Wei Xu, Md. Rabiul Islam, Marcello Pucci Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy of Delafossite Metals   by  Veronika Sunko Applied General Relativity   by  Michael H. Soffel, Wen-Biao Han Astronomical Polarisation from the Infrared to Gamma Rays...

Recently Published Papers in Physics

By Alison Verbeck on September 30, 2019

Pairing and non-Fermi liquid behavior in partially flat-band systems [arXiv] Authors: Sayyad, S.; Huang, E.W.; Kitatani, M.; Vaezi, M.-S.; Nussinov, Z.; Vaezi, A.; Aoki, H. arXiv Pages: 8 pp. Published: 23 March 2019 The simulation of the sensitivity of the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (...