April Springer eBooks

By Alison Verbeck on April 28, 2017

Apollo Lunar Samples  by  Anthony Young Astronomy for Older Eyes  by  James L. Chen Bohmian Mechanics, Open Quantum Systems and Continuous Measurements  by  Antonio B. Nassar, Salvador Miret-Artés Computational Non-commutative Geometry Program for Disordered Topologi...

April New Physics Books

By Alison Verbeck on April 28, 2017

Amorphous semiconductors : structural, optical, and electronic properties / Kazuo Morigaki, Sándor Kugler, Koichi Shimakawa. QC611.8.A5 M67 2017 Essential mathematics for NMR and MRI spectroscopists / Keith C. Brown, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. RC78.7.N83 B763 2017 From classic...

Recently Published Papers in Physics

By Alison Verbeck on April 28, 2017

The following papers were recently published by members of the Physics Department: Title: A Luminous and Isolated Gamma-Ray Flare from the Blazar B2 1215+30 Authors: Abeysekara, A. U.; Archambault, S.; Archer, A.; Benbow, W.; Bird, R.; Buchovecky, M.; Buckley, J. H.; Bugaev, V.; Byrum, K.; Cerrut...

Physics Library Summer Hours

By Alison Verbeck on April 26, 2017

Summer Hours begin Tuesday, May 23, 2017. Monday – Friday, 7:15 am – 3:45 pm Closed Saturdays and Sundays. Closed holidays – Monday, May 29 and Tuesday, July 4. Closing at 10:00am on Staff Day, Monday, May 22.

Library Inventory

By Alison Verbeck on April 26, 2017

The annual inventory of Physics Library material will be May 11-19, 2017. The Library will be closed to everyone during this time. It is important that all books be returned to the Library on or before 3:00 pm, May 10, 2017. If the inventory is completed ahead of schedule, the Library will reopen...


By Alison Verbeck on April 25, 2017

Unpaywall is a browser add-on for Firefox or Chrome that will search for Open Access copies of articles across the Internet. They claim to have a greater than 60% find rate for scholarly materials.  It was written up in a recent article in Chronicle of Higher Education.

Applied Physics Now in arXiv

By Alison Verbeck on April 21, 2017

In response to an increasing number of submissions on topics related to applied physics, the Scientific Advisory Board has approved the addition of a new subject area for the field. This new “Applied Physics” subject area is for papers that would have been too much on the applied side t...

Participants Help Preserve Information in DataRescueWU Event

By Ruth Lewis on April 19, 2017

Washington University Libraries and the School of Law Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic hosted a data rescue event for the university community on April 14. Recently, a number of data rescue events have been held nationwide, through the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI) a...

March Springer eBooks

By Alison Verbeck on March 31, 2017

Complex Networks VIII Bruno Gonçalves, Ronaldo Menezes, Roberta Sinatra, Vinko Zlatic Electron Mass and Calcium Isotope Shifts Florian Köhler-Langes Fibre Optic Communication Herbert Venghaus, Norbert Grote From Newton to Mandelbrot Dietrich Stauffer, H. Eugene Stanley, Annick Lesne Geometrodynam...

March New Physics Books

By Alison Verbeck on March 31, 2017

Applications of mathematical heat transfer and fluid flow models in engineering and medicine / Abram S. Dorfman. QC320 .D59 2017 A big bang in a little room : the quest to create new universes / Zeeya Merali. QB981 .M465 2017 Can the laws of physics be unified? / Paul Langacker. QC793.2 .L35 2017...