AAS Journals

By Alison Verbeck on May 14, 2019

Starting on Monday, June 3rd, the AAS journals will begin asking authors to categorize articles with concepts from the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus (UAT), instead of terms from the astronomy subject keyword system. Read the full AAS announcement to learn more about this change: https://journals.aa...

April New Physics Books

By Alison Verbeck on April 29, 2019

Do we really understand quantum mechanics? / Franck Laloë. QC174.12 .L335 2019 The earth’s dissipative structures : fundamental wave properties of substance / Oleg V. Petrov. QC174.2 .P47 2019 Electromagnetic radiation / Richard Freeman, James King, and Gregory Lafyatis. QC661 .F74 2019 Int...

April Springer Physics eBooks

By Alison Verbeck on April 29, 2019

2011 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident   by  Peter George Martin Complex Dynamics of Traffic Management   by  Boris S. Kerner Cosmology and String Theory   by  Horaţiu Năstase Cryogenic Safety   by  Thomas J. Peterson, J. G. Weisend II Dawn of Science   by  Thanu Padmanabhan, Vasanth...

Recently Published Papers in Physics

By Alison Verbeck on April 29, 2019

Local chiral interactions and magnetic structure of few-nucleon systems Authors: Schiavilla, R; Baroni, A; Pastore, S; Piarulli, M; Girlanda, L; Kievsky, A; Lovato, A; Marcucci, LE; Pieper, SC; Viviani, M; Wiringa, RB PHYSICAL REVIEW C Volume: 99 Issue: 3 Published: MAR 21 2019 Zemach moments and...

Michael Massalone

New Physics Library Staff

By Alison Verbeck on April 29, 2019

On April 1, Michael Massalone joined the Physics Library as a halftime Library Associate.  He’ll be here in the afternoons. If you haven’t met him yet, come by and introduce yourself.

Physics Library Summer Hours

By Alison Verbeck on April 29, 2019

Summer Hours begin Wednesday, May 8, 2019. Monday – Friday, 7:15 am – 4:30 pm Closed Saturdays and Sundays. Closed holidays – Monday, May 27 and Thursday, July 4. Closing at 10:00am on Staff Day, Monday, May 27.

March New Physics Books

By Alison Verbeck on April 1, 2019

Atomic- and Nanoscale Magnetism QC753.2 .A866 2018 The effect of surface wettability on the defrost process / Yang Liiu, Francis A. Kulacki. QC303 .L58 2019 Electromagnetic theory and plasmonics for engineers / Liudmila Nickelson. QC670 .N53 2019 The Monte Carlo ray-trace method in radiation heat...

March Springer eBooks

By Alison Verbeck on March 28, 2019

Archaeoastronomy in the Roman World   by  Giulio Magli, Antonio César González-García, Juan Belmonte Aviles, Elio Antonello Birth of Modern Astronomy   by  Harm J. Habing Brief Introduction to Dispersion Relations   by  José Antonio Oller Classifying the Cosmos  ...

Recently Published Papers in Physics

By Alison Verbeck on March 28, 2019

Continuity of vortices from the hadronic to the color-flavor locked phase in dense matter Authors: Alford, M.G.; Baym, G.; Fukushima, K.; Hatsuda, T.; Tachibana, M. Physical Review D Volume: 99 Issue: 3 Pages: 036004 (10 pp.) Published: 1 Feb. 2019 A nature inspired modularity function for unsupe...

Physical Review Research

By Alison Verbeck on March 8, 2019

APS has announced the newest title in its portfolio of peer-reviewed journals—Physical Review Research (PRResearch). The publication will be fully open access and cover the whole spectrum of research topics of interest to the physics community, including interdisciplinary and newly emerging areas...