New Springer Math eBooks

By Alison Verbeck on April 12, 2019

The following ebooks have been added to the collection since January 1, 2019. 2017 MATRIX Annals   by  Jan de Gier, Cheryl E. Praeger, Terence Tao Abel Prize 2013-2017   by  Helge Holden, Ragni Piene Advances in Algebra   by  Jörg Feldvoss, Lauren Grimley, Drew Lewis, Andrei Pavelescu, Cornelius ...

Interim Mathematics Librarian

By Alison Verbeck on February 27, 2019

Effective March 1, I will be taking over as the Interim Mathematics Librarian in addition to my role as Physics Librarian. I will continue to be located in the Physics Library, Compton 340. I can be reached at or by phone at 314-935-6215.

New this Spring: Instruction Request Form!

By Amanda on February 1, 2019

Interested in incorporating the library in your course? Check out the updated instruction page, including the new instruction request form! The library is developing an Instruction and Information Literacy Program dedicated to helping faculty incorporate meaningful information literacy skills and...

News and notes for math & statistics, July 2018

By Ruth Lewis on July 31, 2018

Farewell and thanks! This is probably my last post on this blog. Retirement will be a new chapter for me; I’m not entirely sure what it will hold yet but I’m looking forward to finding out! I am leaving you in good hands. Cindy Traub has been named interim math subject liaison to work...

Publications from WU Math & Statistics Dept., July 2018

By Ruth Lewis on July 30, 2018

Publications lists are available at from 2012 – July 2018. Future updates will depend on the next math subject librarian. In the past, publications have not been added until published with vol.,issue and page numbers. [This practice may actually be changing. Consensu...

Open Science by Design released by National Academies

By Ruth Lewis on July 30, 2018

A prepublication version of Open Science by Design is free-to-read at the National Academies site: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 2018. Open Science by Design: Realizing a Vision for 21st Century Research. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. Accelerating Prog...


Math books and ebooks added July 2018

By Ruth Lewis on July 27, 2018

The library welcomes your requests and suggestions for library acquisitions. Email Cindy Traub at or use forms, Recommend a Purchase for the Library or Recommend a Journal Purchase or Cancellation. Please specify format when you have a preference. Additive Combinatorics: A Menu of Re...

INSPIRE Links to MathSciNet

By Alison Verbeck on July 3, 2018

INSPIRE, the information system for high energy physics run by CERN, DESY, Fermilab, SLAC, and IHEP, now has links to the MathSciNet entries for over 86,000 papers in their database.  The linking is only one way (INSPIRE ⇒ MathSciNet). More information.

News and notes for math & statistics, June 2018

By Ruth Lewis on June 29, 2018

Advances in Combinatorics, a new ArXiv overlay journal, is now open for submissions. Comments about this on Gower’s blog From Scholarly Communications @ WU Libraries June 2018: Scholarly communications selected links from June 2018

Publications from WU Math & Statistics Dept., June 2018

By Ruth Lewis on June 29, 2018

Bloch S, Kerr M, Vanhove P. 2017. Local mirror symmetry and the sunset Feynman integral. Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 21(6) [WU does not subscribe] Frankel S. 2018. Coarse hyperbolicity and closed orbits for quasigeodesic flows. A...