New this Spring: Instruction Request Form!

By Amanda on February 1, 2019

Interested in incorporating the library in your course? Check out the updated instruction page, including the new instruction request form! The library is developing an Instruction and Information Literacy Program dedicated to helping faculty incorporate meaningful information literacy skills and...

History of Science and Medicine Periodicals

By Array on July 31, 2018

Collection includes Alternative Medicine and Health Periodicals, 1810-1877 that cover the concept of healthy living and alternative medicine exploring such movements as electrology, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, magnetism, phrenology, and Thomsonian medicine in the 19th century. Also includes America...

SPIE (Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers) Ebook Archive

By Array on July 27, 2018

SPIE Press is the largest independent publisher of optics and photonics books. The collection includes all of the top SPIE Press monographs, reference works, field guides, tutorial texts, and Spotlight eBooks to keep researchers current on the latest science and technology and advancing their own...

AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) Journal Backfiles

By Array on July 26, 2018

AIAA’s journals are resourceful for students and professionals who want to stay current on the latest aerospace research and development. Reporting on the most important aerospace advances, AIAA‘s eight active technical journals feature original research papers spanning the spectrum of aero...

SIAM Journals Backfiles

By Joy on April 10, 2018

SIAM Journals Backfiles: Applied mathematics, in partnership with computational science, is essential in solving many real-world problems. The mission of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is to build cooperation between mathematics and the worlds of science and technology ...

Discipline wheel for Open Scholarship

Research center’s video lectures streaming in Open Scholarship

By Emily Stenberg on September 22, 2017

Open Scholarship is now home to a series of approximately 150 seminar videos from the Cardiac Bioelectricity and Arrhythmia Center (CBAC), which is within the School of Engineering. The videos are streamable recordings of lectures given by clinicians and researchers from around the world and date...