Historical Dictionary of Spain–NEW eREFERENCE

By Joy on March 25, 2018

Historical Dictionary of Spain: Contains an introduction, chronology, appendixes, extensive bibliography, and more than 700 cross-referenced entries on Spain. For questions, contact Ask Us! or your subject librarian.

Oxford Bibliographies: Literary and Critical Theory-NEW DATABASE

By Joy on March 25, 2018

Oxford Bibliographies: Literary and Critical Theory: Annotations by scholars experts on the best resources in Literary Theory and Critical Theory; from a chapter, a book, a journal article, a website, or an archive. Each topical entry includes an introduction written by a top scholar in the field...

Caribbean Newspapers 1718-1876–NEW DATABASE

By Joy on March 21, 2018

Caribbean Newspapers 1718-1876: The largest online collection of 18th- and 19th-century newspapers published in this region—will provide a comprehensive primary resource for studying the development of Western society and international relations within this important group of islands. This unique...

New Electronic Resources at University Libraries

By Julie Hale on March 21, 2018

University Libraries recently purchased a number of new eresources. Here are some details about the collections. Caribbean Newspapers (1718-1876): This collection has been created in cooperation with the American Antiquarian Society and features more than 140 newspapers from 22 islands. A compreh...

American Religion: Denominational Newspapers–NEW DATABASE

By Joy on March 7, 2018

American Religion: Denominational Newspapers: historical newspapers covering religious news, and the role religion played in American life and society. Supports research of early American history, religious history, ethnic studies, abolitionism, Civil War, and gender studies. Contains more than 3...

Encyclopedia of the Atlantic world, 1400-1900–NEW eREFERENCE

By Brian Vetruba on February 1, 2018

Encyclopedia of the Atlantic world, 1400-1900 : Europe, Africa, and the Americas in an age of exploration, trade, and empires / David Head, editor. Santa Barbara, California : ABC-CLIO, 2018. SUMMARY: “Until recently, the age of exploration and empire building was researched and taught with...

Itinerario: History of European Expansion and Global Interaction

By robinson.a on January 24, 2018

The Libraries now subscribe to Itinerario: International Journal on the History of European Expansion and Global Interaction. We have access to issues 2007-present through Cambridge Journals. Description from the publisher: “For over thirty years Itinerario has provided a platform for schol...

A Chronology of Early Medieval Western Europe, 450-1066–NEW eREFERENCE

By Brian Vetruba on January 5, 2018

A Chronology of Early Medieval Western Europe, 450-1066 / Timothy Venning. London : Routledge, 2018. Summary: “A Chronology of Early Medieval Western Europe uses a wide range of both primary and secondary sources to chart the history of Britain and Western Europe, with reference to the Celt...

Oxford Encyclopedia of Martin Luther(2017)–NEW eREFERENCE

By Brian Vetruba on December 11, 2017

 The Oxford encyclopedia of Martin Luther / edited by Derek R. Nelson and Paul R. Hinlicky. New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2017. Summary: This encyclopedia is a collaboration of the leading scholars in the field of Reformation research and the thought, life, and legacy of influence of Ma...

Database Trial – American Religion: Denominational Newspapers

By Kristine Helbling on November 21, 2017

Try some searches in American Religion: Denominational Newspapers during a trial access period until December 12. Please share your thoughts about this resource through this feedback form. Your opinions help inform future WU Libraries’ purchases and subscriptions. The collection includes ov...