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New exhibit: Higher Ground

By Shannon Davis on March 6, 2017

Scholarly Publishing is proud to announce a new digital exhibit, Higher Ground: Honoring Washington Park Cemetery, Its People and Place. This is a companion site to the physical exhibit now on display at the Sheldon Art Galleries. Conceived by Jennifer Colten, senior lecturer in photography in th...

Fair Use & WashU

By Micah Zeller on February 20, 2017

It’s here: Fair Use Week. To be “fair” (sorry), given its role on campus, every week could lay claim to the name. But there’s value in recognizing—even celebrating—the doctrine’s role in the academic enterprise, and specifically, to our work at WashU Libraries. So in obser...

Help Improve Wikipedia

By Shannon Davis on January 18, 2017

Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world, and often the first stop for researchers. We all use Wikipedia to look up information, so why not help make it better? From January 15 to February 3, Wikipedia is asking users (and particularly librarians) to add one reference to Wikiped...

New exhibit: Selections from NNP

By Shannon Davis on January 6, 2017

The Newman Numismatic Portal is an online research portal dedicated to becoming the primary and most comprehensive resource for numismatics. Work on NNP began two years ago, with ongoing digitization of numismatic research and reference materials from the library of Eric P. Newman, numismatic org...

math themed cover of Freiwald book

Open Scholarship update – October 2016

By Emily Stenberg on October 21, 2016

This will now be a quarterly update. Look for announcements in January, April, July, and October. New Publications in Open Scholarship Below are just a few of the new additions since July: An Introduction to Set Theory and Topology by mathematics professor Ronald C. Freiwald. This is a new Open E...

Washington University Libraries Becomes Hydra Partner

By Guest Author on September 6, 2016

Following a series of milestones in connection with the Hydra project, Washington University Libraries has become a Hydra partner. The announcement can be found on the Hydra website: With a number of digital resources on unsuppor...

Discipline wheel for Open Scholarship

Open Scholarship update – July 2016

By Emily Stenberg on July 21, 2016

New bepress Dashboard bepress recently unveiled the previously announced changes to its administrator Dashboard, which provides usage statistics and visualizations. Administrators can access more detailed reports of the collections you oversee. If you’re not an administrator and want to know the ...

Library Publishing Forum 2016

By Andrew Rouner on July 7, 2016

Emily Stenberg, Digital Publishing and Preservation Librarian, and I attended the Library Publishing Forum 2016, the annual conference for the Library Publishing Consortium, in May. This group formed in response to increasing numbers of academic libraries that have become involved with digital pu...

Discipline wheel for Open Scholarship

Open Scholarship Update: June 2016

By Emily Stenberg on June 21, 2016

Library Publishing Forum 2016 In May I attended the Library Publishing Forum held at the University of North Texas. The theme was “Amplifying scholarship: More Choices, More Voices.” I was part of a panel on publishing undergraduate scholarship and co-led a birds-of-a-feather discussion on the sa...

Discipline wheel for Open Scholarship

Open Scholarship Update: May 2016

By Emily Stenberg on May 6, 2016

Open Scholarship Reaches 2 Million Downloads! The repository hit the number on April 28. More at The Political Librarian Volume 2 of The Political Librarian is now available at The pu...