Biology books and ebooks added in November, 2017

Abiotic Stress Management for Resilient Agriculture Paramjit Singh Minhas, Jagadish Rane, Ratna Kumar Pasala Springer ebooks
Anatomical Adaptations of Halophytes: A Review of Classic Literature and Recent Findings Marius-Nicu?or Grigore, Constantin Toma Springer ebooks
Applications of Biotechnology for Sustainable Development Kunal Mukhopadhyay, Ashish Sachan, Manish Kumar Springer ebooks
Aquatic Dicotyledons of North America: Ecology, Life History, and Systematics Donald H. Les Tayor & Francis CRCnetBase subscription
Auditory Development and Plasticity: In Honor of Edwin W Rubel Karina S. Cramer, Allison B. Coffin, Richard R. Fay, Arthur N. Popper Springer Handbook of Auditory Research 64 Springer ebooks
Avian Cognition Edited by Carel ten Cate, Susan D. Healy CambridgeCore
Avian Reproduction: From Behavior to Molecules Tomohiro Sasanami Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 1001 Springer ebooks
Begomoviruses: Occurrence and Management in Asia and Africa Sangeeta Saxena, A. K. Tiwari Springer ebooks
Biology and Biotechnology of Actinobacteria Joachim Wink, Fatemeh Mohammadipanah, Javad Hamedi Springer ebooks
Breeding Insect Resistant Crops for Sustainable Agriculture Ramesh Arora, Surinder Sandhu Springer ebooks
Cardiac Regeneration Masaki Ieda, Wolfram-Hubertus Zimmermann Cardiac and Vascular Biology Springer ebooks
Cell Polarity in Development and Disease Douglas W Houston Perspectives in Translational Cell Biology Science Direct
Circadian Rhythms and Their Impact on Aging S. Michal Jazwinski, Victoria P Belancio, Steven M Hill Healthy Ageing and Longevity 7 Springer ebooks
Climate Change, Ocean Acidification and Sponges: Impacts Across Multiple Levels of Organization José Luis Carballo, James J. Bell Springer ebooks
Clinical Management of Pulmonary Disorders and Diseases Mieczyslaw Pokorski Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 1022 Springer ebooks
Creatures born of mud and slime : the wonder and complexity of spontaneous generation / Daryn Lehoux. Singleton Center Books in Premodern Europe. Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017. paper book
Crop Improvement: Sustainability Through Leading-Edge Technology Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah, Ho Chai-Ling, Carol Wagstaff Springer ebooks
Current Progress in Medical Mycology Héctor M. Mora-Montes, Leila M. Lopes-Bezerra Springer ebooks
Defending biodiversity : environmental science and ethics / Jonathan A. Newman, University of Guelph, Gary Varner, Texas A & M University, Stefan Linquist, University of Guelph. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017. paper book
Dyneins: The Biology of Dynein Motors, 2nd ed Edited by:Stephen M. King Science Direct
Ecology and Natural History of Chilean Saltmarshes José Miguel Fariña, Andrés Camaño Springer ebooks
Ecotourism’s Promise and Peril: A Biological Evaluation Daniel T. Blumstein, Benjamin Geffroy, Diogo S. M. Samia, Eduardo Bessa Springer ebooks
Epigenetic Mechanisms in Cancer Edited by:Sabita Saldanha Science Direct
Epigenetics of Aging and Longevity Edited by:Alexey Moskalev and Alexander M. Vaiserman Translational Epigenetics Vol 4 Science Direct
Exercise for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment: From Molecular to Clinical, Part 1 Junjie Xiao Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 999 Springer ebooks
Exposure to Microbiological Agents in Indoor and Occupational Environments Carla Viegas, Susana Viegas, Anita Gomes, Martin Täubel, Raquel Sabino Springer ebooks
First Domestication: How Wolves and Humans Coevolved Raymond Pierotti, Brandy R Fogg JSTOR ebooks
Food Safety for Farmers Markets: A Guide to Enhancing Safety of Local Foods Judy A. Harrison Food Microbiology and Food Safety Springer ebooks
Formaldehyde and Cognition Rongqiao He Springer ebooks
Functional Genomics 3rd ed. 2017 Michael Kaufmann, Claudia Klinger, Andreas Savelsbergh Methods in Molecular Biology 1654 Springer ebooks
Functional Metagenomics: Tools and Applications Trevor C. Charles, Mark R. Liles, Angela Sessitsch Springer ebooks
GeNeDis 2016: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Panayiotis Vlamos Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 988 Springer ebooks
GeNeDis 2016: Genetics and Neurodegeneration Panayiotis Vlamos Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 987 Springer ebooks
GeNeDis 2016: Geriatrics Panayiotis Vlamos Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 989 Springer ebooks
Genetic Improvement of Tropical Crops Hugo Campos, Peter D.S. Caligari Springer ebooks
Genetics and Genomics of Cucurbitaceae Rebecca Grumet, Nurit Katzir, Jordi Garcia-Mas Plant Genetics and Genomics: Crops and Models 20 Springer ebooks
Genetics of Bone Biology and Skeletal Disease 2nd ed. 2017 Edited by:Rajesh V. Thakker, Michael P. Whyte, John Eisman and Takashi Igarashi Science Direct
Genomic and Precision Medicine: Cardiovascular Disease 3rd ed. 2017 Edited by:Huntington F. Willard and Geoffrey S. Ginsburg Science Direct
Global Virology II – HIV and NeuroAIDS Paul Shapshak, Andrew J. Levine, Brian T. Foley, Charurut Somboonwit, Elyse Singer, Francesco Chiappelli, John T. Sinnott Springer ebooks
Haploidentical Stem Cell Transplantation Taner Demirer Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Springer ebooks
Harnessing the Power of Viruses Boriana Marintcheva Science Direct
Healthcare and Big Data Management Bairong Shen Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 1028 Springer ebooks
Hemomath: The Mathematics of Blood Antonio Fasano, Adélia Sequeira MS&A 18 Springer ebooks
HIV/AIDS: Oxidative Stress and Dietary Antioxidants Edited by:Victor R. Preedy and Ronald Ross Watson Science Direct
IgM and Its Receptors and Binding Proteins Hiromi Kubagawa, Peter D. Burrows Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 408 Springer ebooks
Immunology: Volume 1: Immunotoxicology, Immunopathology, and Immunotherapy Edited by:M. A. Hayat Science Direct
Immunotherapy of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Tim F. Greten Springer ebooks
Infectious Agents Associated Cancers: Epidemiology and Molecular Biology Qiliang Cai, Zhenghong Yuan, Ke Lan Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 1018 Springer ebooks
Introduction to the Study of Natural History Louis Agassiz Classic Texts in the Sciences Springer ebooks
Laboratory Animals: Regulations and Recommendations for the Care and Use of Animals in Research 2nd ed. 2018 Edited by:Javier Guillén Science Direct
Life through time and space / Wallace Arthur [illustrations by Stephen Arthur]. Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2017. paper book
Light Emitting Diodes for Agriculture S Dutta Gupta Springer ebooks
Management of Atopic Dermatitis Erica A. Fortson, Steven R. Feldman, Lindsay C. Strowd Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 1027 Springer ebooks
Mechanosensory Transduction in Drosophila Melanogaster Xin Liang, Landi Sun, Zhen Liu SpringerBriefs in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Springer ebooks
Medical and Scientific Publishing: Author, Editor, and Reviewer Perspectives Edited by:Jasna Markovac, Molly Kleinman and Michael Englesbe Science Direct
Metabolic Engineering for Bioactive Compounds Vipin Chandra Kalia, Adesh Kumar Saini Springer ebooks
Metagenomics: Perspectives, Methods, and Applications Edited by:Muniyandi Nagarajan Science Direct
Methods For Monitoring Tiger And Prey Populations K. Ullas Karanth, James D. Nichols Springer ebooks
Microbes for Legume Improvement 2nd ed. 2017 Almas Zaidi, Mohammad Saghir Khan, Javed Musarrat Springer ebooks
Microbiology of Skin, Soft Tissue, Bone and Joint Infections Edited by:Kateryna Kon and Mahendra Rai Clinical Microbiology: Diagnosis, Treatments and Prophylaxis of Infections, v.2 Science Direct
Microorganisms in Sustainable Agriculture, Food, and the Environment Edited By Deepak Kumar Verma, Prem Prakash Srivastav Tayor & Francis CRCnetBase subscription
Mining of Microbial Wealth and MetaGenomics Vipin Chandra Kalia, Yogesh Shouche, Hemant J. Purohit, Praveen Rahi Springer ebooks
Multi-Parametric Live Cell Microscopy of 3D Tissue Models Ruslan I. Dmitriev Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 1035 Springer ebooks
NMDA Receptors Nail Burnashev, Pierre Szepetowski Methods in Molecular Biology 1677 Springer ebooks
Notes in the Category of C: Reflections on the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals Steven M. Niemi Science Direct
Nuclear Architecture and Dynamics Edited by:Christophe Lavelle and Jean-Marc Victor Science Direct
Overflow Metabolism: From Yeast to Marathon Runners Alexei Vazquez Science Direct
Oxidative Stress: Diagnostic Methods and Applications in Medical Science Pawan Kumar Maurya, Pranjal Chandra Springer ebooks
Particulate Technology for Delivery of Therapeutics Sougata Jana, Subrata Jana Springer ebooks
Peptides and Peptide-based Biomaterials and their Biomedical Applications Anwar Sunna, Andrew Care, Peter L. Bergquist Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 1030 Springer ebooks
Perspectives in Sustainable Nematode Management Through Pochonia chlamydosporia Applications for Root and Rhizosphere Health Rosa H. Manzanilla-López, Luis V. Lopez-Llorca Sustainability in Plant and Crop Protection Springer ebooks
Perspectives in Translational Research in Life Sciences and Biomedicine: Translational Outcomes Research in Life Sciences and Translational Medicine, Volume 2 Ena Ray Banerjee Springer ebooks
Plastic Brain Rommy von Bernhardi, Jaime Eugenín, Kenneth J Muller Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 1015 Springer ebooks
Practical Guide to Biomedical Research for the Aspiring Scientist Peter Agger, Robert S. Stephenson, J. Michael Hasenkam Springer ebooks
Pulmonary Care and Clinical Medicine Mieczyslaw Pokorski Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 1021 Springer ebooks
Pulmonary Vasculature Redox Signaling in Health and Disease Yong-Xiao Wang Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 967 Springer ebooks
Radish Genome Takeshi Nishio, Hiroyasu Kitashiba Compendium of Plant Genomes Springer ebooks
Research Management: Europe and Beyond Jan Andersen, Kristel Toom, Susi Poli and Pamela Miller Science Direct
RNA Metabolism and Gene Expression in Archaea Béatrice Clouet-d’Orval Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology 32 Springer ebooks
Scientific Peer Review: Guidelines for Informative Peer Review J. Matthias Starck essentials Springer ebooks
Sensory Motor and Behavioral Research in Space Reinhard Hilbig, Albert Gollhofer, Otmar Bock, Dietrich Manzey SpringerBriefs in Space Life Sciences Springer ebooks
Sigma Proteins: Evolution of the Concept of Sigma Receptors Felix J. Kim, Gavril W. Pasternak Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology 244 Springer ebooks
Skin Tissue Models Edited by:Alexandra P. Marques, Rogério P. Pirraco, Mariana Cerqueira, Rui L Reis Science Direct
Soil Biological Communities and Ecosystem Resilience Martin Lukac, Paola Grenni, Mauro Gamboni Sustainability in Plant and Crop Protection Springer ebooks
Statistical Human Genetics 2nd ed. 2017 Robert C. Elston Methods in Molecular Biology 1666 Springer ebooks
Sweet Biochemistry: Remembering Structures, Cycles, and Pathways by Mnemonics Asha Kumari Science Direct
Systems Biology of Marine Ecosystems Manoj Kumar, Peter Ralph Springer ebooks
Tropical Seaweed Farming Trends, Problems and Opportunities: Focus on Kappaphycus and Eucheuma of Commerce Anicia Q. Hurtado, Alan T. Critchley, Iain C. Neish Developments in Applied Phycology 9 Springer ebooks
Yeasts in Natural Ecosystems: Diversity Pietro Buzzini, Marc-André Lachance, Andrey Yurkov Springer ebooks
Yeasts in Natural Ecosystems: Ecology Pietro Buzzini, Marc-André Lachance, Andrey Yurkov Springer ebooks
Zika Virus Disease: From Origin To Outbreak Adnan Qureshi Science Direct

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