Biology books and ebooks added March 2016

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Adenoviral Vectors for Gene Therapy, 2nd ed Edited by:David T. Curiel Science Direct
Advances and Clinical Practice in Pyrosequencing Guohua Zhou, Qinxin Song Springer Protocols Handbooks Springer ebooks
Advances in Botanical Research, v.78: Genomes and Evolution of Charophytes, Bryophytes, Lycophytes and Ferns Science Direct
Advances in Food and Nutrition Research, v.77 Science Direct
Advances in Microbial Physiology, v.67: Recent Advances in Microbial Oxygen-Binding Proteins Science Direct
Advances in Plant Breeding Strategies: Breeding, Biotechnology and Molecular Tools Jameel M. Al-Khayri, Shri Mohan Jain, Dennis V. Johnson Springer ebooks
Agroforestry for the Management of Waterlogged Saline Soils and Poor-Quality Waters Jagdish Chander Dagar, Paramjit Minhas Advances in Agroforestry 13 Springer ebooks
Alkali Metal Ions: Their Role for Life Astrid Sigel, Helmut Sigel, Roland K. O. Sigel Metal Ions in Life Sciences 16 Springer ebooks
Alzheimer’s Disease: Life Course Perspectives on Risk Reduction Amy Borenstein and James Mortimer Science Direct
Amphioxus Immunity: Tracing the Origins of Human Immunity Edited by:An-Long Xu. Science Direct
Anaerobiosis and Stemness: An evolutionary paradigm Zoran Ivanovic and Marija Vlaski-Lafarge Science Direct
Bacterial Therapy of Cancer Robert M Hoffman Methods in Molecular Biology 1409 Springer ebooks
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 3rd ed. Dirk Hoffmeister The Mycota III Springer ebooks
Biodiversity Conservation and Phylogenetic Systematics: Preserving our evolutionary heritage in an extinction crisis [open access] Roseli Pellens, Philippe Grandcolas Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation 14 Springer ebooks
Biosafety of Forest Transgenic Trees: Improving the Scientific Basis for Safe Tree Development and Implementation of EU Policy Directives Cristina Vettori, Fernando Gallardo, Hely Häggman, Vassiliki Kazana, Fabio Migliacci, Gilles Pilate, Matthias Fladung Forestry Sciences 82 Springer ebooks
Biosurfactants of Lactic Acid Bacteria Deepansh Sharma, Baljeet Singh Saharan, Shailly Kapil SpringerBriefs in Microbiology Springer ebooks
Biotechnology of Plant Secondary Metabolism Arthur Germano Fett-Neto Methods in Molecular Biology 1405 Springer ebooks
Black Rice: Research, History and Development UKS Kushwaha Springer ebooks
Cacao Diseases: A History of Old Enemies and New Encounters Bryan A. Bailey, Lyndel W. Meinhardt Springer ebooks
Cancer Drug Resistance José Rueff, António Sebastião Rodrigues Methods in Molecular Biology 1395 Springer ebooks
Chemosensory Transduction: The Detection of Odors, Tastes, and Other Chemostimuli Edited by:Frank Zufall and Steven D. Munger Science Direct
Circadian Clocks: Role in Health and Disease Michelle L. Gumz Physiology in Health and Disease Springer ebooks
Clinical Applications of PCR, 3rd ed Rajyalakshmi Luthra, Rajesh R. Singh, Keyur P. Patel Methods in Molecular Biology 1392 Springer ebooks
Coevolution of life on hosts : integrating ecology and history / Dale H. Clayton, Sarah E. Bush, and Kevin P. Johnson. Interspecific interactions Chicago London : The University of Chicago Press, 2016. Paper book
Cultural Phylogenetics: Concepts and Applications in Archaeology Larissa Mendoza Straffon Interdisciplinary Evolution Research 4 Springer ebooks
Current Therapy and Surgery for Urogenital Tuberculosis Ekaterina Kulchavenya Springer ebooks
Current Topics in Development Biology, v.117: Essays on Developmental Biology, Part B Science Direct
Digital Synaptic Neural Substrate: A New Approach to Computational Creativity Azlan Iqbal, Matej Guid, Simon Colton, Jana Krivec, Shazril Azman, Boshra Haghighi SpringerBriefs in Cognitive Computation 3 Springer ebooks
Edible Medicinal and Non-Medicinal Plants: Volume 10, Modified Stems, Roots, Bulbs T. K. Lim Springer ebooks
Edible Medicinal and Non-Medicinal Plants: Volume 11 Modified Stems, Roots, Bulbs T. K. Lim Springer ebooks
Edible Medicinal and Non-Medicinal Plants: Volume 12 Modified Stems, Roots, Bulbs T. K. Lim Springer ebooks
Endometrial Stem Cells and Its Potential Applications Indumathi Somasundaram SpringerBriefs in Stem Cells Springer ebooks
Environmental Influences on the Immune System Charlotte Esser Springer ebooks
Environmental Responses in Plants Paula Duque Methods in Molecular Biology 1398 Springer ebooks
Epigenetic Biomarkers and Diagnostics Edited by:José Luis García-Giménez Science Direct
Epigenomics in Health and Disease Edited by:Mario Fraga and Agustin Fernandez Fernandez Science Direct
Exercise, Sport, and Bioanalytical Chemistry: Principles and Practice Anthony C. Hackney Science Direct
Fundamentals of Brain Network Analysis Edited by:Alex Fornito, Andrew Zalesky and Edward Bullmore Science Direct
Gene Pool Diversity and Crop Improvement, v.1 Vijay Rani Rajpal, S. Rama Rao, S.N. Raina Sustainable Development and Biodiversity 10 Springer ebooks
Genes, Environment and Alzheimer’s Disease Edited by:Orly Lazarov and Giuseppina Tesco Science Direct
Genetics and Genomics of Brachypodium John P. Vogel Plant Genetics and Genomics: Crops and Models 18 Springer ebooks
Genomics and Society: Ethical, Legal, Cultural and Socioeconomic Implications Edited by:Dhavendra Kumar Science Direct
Giant Liver Fluke, Fascioloides magna: Past, Present and Future Research Ivica Králová-Hromadová, ?udmila Juhásová, Eva Bazsalovicsová SpringerBriefs in Animal Sciences Springer ebooks
Graduate Research: A Guide for Students in the Sciences, 4th ed Robert V. Smith, Llewellyn D. Densmore and Edward F. Lener Science Direct
Herbal Insecticides, Repellents and Biomedicines: Effectiveness and Commercialization Vijay Veer, Reji Gopalakrishnan Springer ebooks
Historical Perspective on Evidence-Based Immunology Edited by:Edward J. Moticka Science Direct
Initiation of DNA Replication in Eukaryotes Daniel L. Kaplan Springer ebooks
Innate Immune Response to Noninfectious Stressors: Human and Animal Models Edited by:Massimo Amadori Science Direct
International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology, v.322 and v.323 Science Direct
International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology, v.324 Science Direct
Invertebrates in Freshwater Wetlands: An International Perspective on their Ecology Darold Batzer, Dani Boix Springer ebooks
Mealybugs and their Management in Agricultural and Horticultural crops M. Mani, C. Shivaraju Springer ebooks
Membranes of Cells, 3rd ed Philip L. Yeagle Science Direct
Microarray Data Analysis, 2nd ed Pietro Hiram Guzzi Methods in Molecular Biology 1375 Springer ebooks
Microbial Factories: Biodiversity, Biopolymers, Bioactive Molecules: Volume 2 Vipin Chandra Kalia Springer ebooks
Microbial Factories: Biofuels, Waste treatment: Volume 1 Vipin Chandra Kalia Springer ebooks
Microbial Inoculants in Sustainable Agricultural Productivity: Vol. 1: Research Perspectives Dhananjaya Pratap Singh, Harikesh Bahadur Singh, Ratna Prabha Springer ebooks
Molecular Aspects of Alcohol and Nutrition Edited by:Vinood B. Patel Science Direct
Molecular Breeding for Sustainable Crop Improvement, v.2 Vijay Rani Rajpal, S. Rama Rao, S.N. Raina Sustainable Development and Biodiversity 11 Springer ebooks
Natural Killer Cells Eric Vivier, James Di Santo, Alessandro Moretta Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 395 Springer ebooks
Neuroethics of Biomarkers: What the Development of Bioprediction Means for Moral Responsibility, Justice, and the Nature of Mental Disorder Matthew L. Baum. Oxford Scholarship Online
Nonribosomal Peptide and Polyketide Biosynthesis Bradley S. Evans Methods in Molecular Biology 1401 Springer ebooks
Nonsense Mutation Correction in Human Diseases: An Approach for Targeted Medicine Fabrice Lejeune Science Direct
Organic Farming for Sustainable Agriculture Dilip Nandwani Sustainable Development and Biodiversity 9 Springer ebooks
Paradox of evolution : the strange relationship between natural selection and reproduction / Stephen Rothman. Amherst, New York : Prometheus Books, 2015. Paper book
Permeability of Biological Membranes Gaspar Banfalvi Springer ebooks
Pharmacology of Ocular Therapeutics Thirumurthy Velpandian Springer ebooks
Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science, v.139: Nanotechnology Tools for the Study of RNA Science Direct
Protocols for Pre-Field Screening of Mutants for Salt Tolerance in Rice, Wheat and Barley [open access] Souleymane Bado, Brian P. Forster, Abdelbagi M.A. Ghanim, Joanna Jankowicz-Cieslak, Günter Berthold, Liu Luxiang Springer ebooks
Quantitative Proteomics by Mass Spectrometry, 2nd ed Salvatore Sechi Methods in Molecular Biology 1410 Springer ebooks
Receptor and Ion Channel Detection in the Brain Rafael Luján, Francisco Ciruela Neuromethods 110 Springer ebooks
Retrograde Evolution During Major Extinction Crises Jean Guex SpringerBriefs in Evolutionary Biology Springer ebooks
Role of Microenvironment in the Control of Tumor Angiogenesis Domenico Ribatti Springer ebooks
Scientist’s Guide to Cardiac Metabolism Edited by:Michael Schwarzer and Torsten Doenst Science Direct
Strategic Green Infrastructure Planning Karen Firehock Springer ebooks
Streptococcus pyogenes: Basic Biology to Clinical Manifestations Joseph Ferretti, Dennis Stevens, and Vincent Fischetti NCBI bookshelf
Sustainable Agriculture Reviews, v.19 Eric Lichtfouse Springer ebooks
Technological and Institutional Innovations for Marginalized Smallholders in Agricultural Development [open access] Franz W. Gatzweiler, Joachim von Braun Springer ebooks
Transglutaminases: Multiple Functional Modifiers and Targets for New Drug Discovery Kiyotaka Hitomi, Soichi Kojima, Laszlo Fesus Springer ebooks
Translational Research in Pain and Itch Chao Ma, Yuguang Huang Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 904 Springer ebooks
Transposons and Retrotransposons Jose L. Garcia-Pérez Methods in Molecular Biology 1400 Springer ebooks
What Should a Clever Moose Eat? Natural History, Ecology, and The North Woods John Pastor Springer ebooks
Wilhelm Reich, biologist / James E. Strick. Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2015. Paper book

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