Biology books and ebooks added February 2017

Abiotic Stress Response in Plants Editor(s): Narendra Tuteja, Sarvajeet S. Gill Wiley Online Library
Acid-Base Balance and Nitrogen Excretion in Invertebrates: Mechanisms and Strategies in Various Invertebrate Groups with Considerations of Challenges Caused by Ocean Acidification Dirk Weihrauch, Michael O’Donnell Springer ebooks
Actin Cytoskeleton Brigitte M. Jockusch Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology 235 Springer ebooks
Advances in Applied Microbiology, v.98 Science Direct
Advances in Food and Nutrition Research, v.80: Marine Enzymes Biotechnology: Production and Industrial Applications, Part III – Application of Marine Enzymes Science Direct
Advances in Immunology, v.133 Science Direct
Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology, v.107: Chromatin Proteins and Transcription Factors as Therapeutic Targets Science Direct
Advances in Stem Cell Therapy Nagwa El-Badri Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Springer ebooks
Ageing: Lessons from C. elegans Anders Olsen, Matthew S. Gill Healthy Ageing and Longevity Springer ebooks
Animal behavior : concepts, methods, and applications / Shawn E. Nordell, Washington University in St. Louis, Thomas J. Valone, Saint Louis University. New York : Oxford University Press, [2017] paper book
Applied Genomics of Foodborne Pathogens Xiangyu Deng, Henk C. den Bakker, Rene S. Hendriksen Food Microbiology and Food Safety Springer ebooks
Arc of Life: Evolution and Health Across the Life Course Grazyna Jasienska, Diana S. Sherry, Donna J. Holmes Springer ebooks
Biological Invasions and Animal Behaviour Edited by Judith S. Weis,Daniel Sol, Cambridge ebooks
Biomarkers and Mental Illness: It’ Not All in the Mind Paul C. Guest Springer ebooks
Bioprospecting: Success, Potential and Constraints Russell Paterson, Nelson Lima Topics in Biodiversity and Conservation 16 Springer ebooks
Biotechnologies for Plant Mutation Breeding [open access] Joanna Jankowicz-Cieslak, Thomas H. Tai, Jochen Kumlehn, Bradley J. Till Springer ebooks
Bipolar Depression: Molecular Neurobiology, Clinical Diagnosis, and Pharmacotherapy, 2nd ed Carlos A. Zarate Jr., Husseini K. Manji Milestones in Drug Therapy Springer ebooks
Bone marrow stem cell therapy for stroke Kunlin Jin, Xunming Ji, Qichuan Zhuge Springer ebooks
Book that changed America : how Darwin’s theory of evolution ignited a nation / Randall Fuller. New York, New York : Viking, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, [2017] paper book
Brassinosteroids Eugenia Russinova, Ana I. Caño-Delgado Methods in Molecular Biology 1564 Springer ebooks
Cancer Biomarkers in Body Fluids: Biomarkers in Circulation Gabriel D. Dakubo Springer ebooks
Cartilage, Volume 2: Pathophysiology Susanne Grässel, Attila Aszódi Springer ebooks
CD95 Patrick Legembre Methods in Molecular Biology 1557 Springer ebooks
Cell biology, 3rd ed Thomas D. Pollard, William C. Earnshaw, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz and Graham Johnson Science Direct
Chemistry of human nature / Tom Husband. Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, [2017] paper book
Comparative Medicine: Disorders Linking Humans with Their Animals Erika Jensen-Jarolim Springer ebooks
Cricket as a Model Organism: Development, Regeneration, and Behavior Hadley Wilson Horch, Taro Mito, Aleksandar Popadi?, Hideyo Ohuchi, Sumihare Noji Springer ebooks
Current Topics in Developmental Biology, v.123: Protein Kinases in Development and Disease Science Direct
Cytoskeleton / edited by Thomas D. Pollard, Yale University, Robert D. Goldman, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University. Cold Spring Harbor, New York : Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, [2017] paper book
Darwin, Darwinism and conservation in the Galapagos Islands : the legacy of Darwin and its new applications / Diego Quiroga, Ana Sevilla, editors. Social and ecological interactions in the Galapagos Islands. [Cham?] Switzerland : Springer, [2016] paper book
Deep life : the hunt for the hidden biology of Earth, Mars, and beyond / Tullis C. Onstott. Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2017] paper book
Design and Applications of Nanoparticles in Biomedical Imaging Jeff W.M. Bulte, Michel M.J. Modo Springer ebooks
Dipterocarp Biology, Ecology, and Conservation Jaboury Ghazoul Oxford Scholarship Online
Eco-evolutionary dynamics / Andrew P. Hendry. Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2017] paper book
Encyclopedia of Geropsychology Nancy A. Pachana Springer ebooks
Engineering of Microorganisms for the Production of Chemicals and Biofuels from Renewable Resources Guillermo Gosset Springer ebooks
Evolution of Nervous Systems, 2nd ed Editor-in-Chief: Jon Kaas Science Direct
Fibrous Proteins: Structures and Mechanisms David A.D. Parry, John M. Squire Subcellular Biochemistry 82 Springer ebooks
Frequency-Following Response: A Window into Human Communication Nina Kraus, Samira Anderson, Travis White-Schwoch, Richard R. Fay, Arthur N. Popper Springer Handbook of Auditory Research 61 Springer ebooks
Fundamentals of Biomechanics: Equilibrium, Motion, and Deformation, 4th ed Nihat Özkaya, Dawn Leger, David Goldsheyder, Margareta Nordin Springer ebooks
Future of Food Gaps in Egypt Samiha A. H. Ouda, Abd El-Hafeez Zohry, Huda Alkitkat, Mostafa Morsy, Tarek Sayad, Ahmed Kamel SpringerBriefs in Agriculture Springer ebooks
Genetics and Genomics of Setaria Andrew Doust, Xianmin Diao Plant Genetics and Genomics: Crops and Models 19 Springer ebooks
GEO Handbook on Biodiversity Observation Networks [open access] Michele Walters, Robert J. Scholes Springer ebooks
Gibberellins Editor(s): Peter Hedden, Stephen G. Thomas Annual Plant Reviews, Volume 49 Wiley Online Library
Handbook of bird biology / edited by Irby J. Lovette, John W. Fitzpatrick. Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2016. paper book
Haplotyping Irene Tiemann-Boege, Andrea Betancourt Methods in Molecular Biology 1551 Springer ebooks
How animals think and feel : an introduction to non-human psychology / Ken Cheng. Santa Barbara, California : Greenwood, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2016] paper book
Human Retrotransposons in Health and Disease Gael Cristofari Springer ebooks
Human Sciences after the Decade of the Brain Edited by:Jon Leefmann and Elisabeth Hildt Science Direct
Hypertension Rhian M. Touyz, Ernesto L. Schiffrin Methods in Molecular Biology 1527 Springer ebooks
Image-Based Multilevel Biomechanical Modeling for Fall-Induced Hip Fracture Yunhua Luo Springer ebooks
Inflammation Björn E. Clausen, Jon D. Laman Methods in Molecular Biology 1559 Springer ebooks
Inflammation-Associated Depression: Evidence, Mechanisms and Implications Robert Dantzer, Lucile Capuron Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences 31 Springer ebooks
Innovations in Dryland Agriculture Muhammad Farooq, Kadambot H.M. Siddique Springer ebooks
International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology, v.330 Science Direct
Introduction to Primate Conservation Serge A. Wich and Andrew J. Marshall Oxford Scholarship Online
Iodine Deficiency Disorders and Their Elimination Elizabeth N. Pearce Springer ebooks
JIMD Reports, Volume 31 Eva Morava, Matthias Baumgartner, Marc Patterson, Shamima Rahman, Johannes Zschocke, Verena Peters Springer ebooks
Kala Azar in South Asia, 2nd ed E. Noiri, T.K. Jha Springer ebooks
Lateralized Brain Functions: Methods in Human and Non-Human Species Lesley J. Rogers, Giorgio Vallortigara Neuromethods 122 Springer ebooks
Life Organic: The Theoretical Biology Club and the Roots of Epigenetics Erik L. Peterson Project Muse ebooks
Liver, Lung and Heart Regeneration Phuc Van Pham Stem Cells in Clinical Applications Springer ebooks
Malaria: Immune Response to Infection and Vaccination Maria M. Mota, Ana Rodriguez Springer ebooks
Mathematics for Neuroscientists, 2nd ed Fabrizio Gabbiani and Steven J. Cox Science Direct
Melanoma Development: Molecular Biology, Genetics and Clinical Application, 2nd ed Anja K. Bosserhoff Springer ebooks
Metabolomics: From Fundamentals to Clinical Applications Alessandra Sussulini Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 965 Springer ebooks
Methods in Cell Biology, v.139: Cell Polarity and Morphogenesis Science Direct
Methods in Enzymology, v.587: Molecular Characterization of Autophagic Responses, Part A Science Direct
Microchip Diagnostics Valérie Taly, Jean-Louis Viovy, Stéphanie Descroix Methods in Molecular Biology 1547 Springer ebooks
Mimicry and Meaning: Structure and Semiotics of Biological Mimicry Timo Maran Biosemiotics 16 Springer ebooks
Molecular Genetics of Endometrial Carcinoma Lora Hedrick Ellenson Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 943 Springer ebooks
Molecular Markers in Mycology Bhim Pratap Singh, Vijai Kumar Gupta Fungal Biology Springer ebooks
Molecular Pathogenesis and Signal Transduction by Helicobacter pylori Nicole Tegtmeyer, Steffen Backert Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 400 Springer ebooks
Molecular Pathology in Cancer Research Sunil R. Lakhani, Stephen B. Fox Springer ebooks
Multiple Sclerosis: Bench to Bedside: Global Perspectives on a Silent Killer Alexzander A. A. Asea, Fabiana Geraci, Punit Kaur Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 958 Springer ebooks
Navelbine® and Taxotere®: Histories of Sciences Muriel Le Roux and Françoise Guéritte Science Direct
Neuroimmune Pharmacology, 2nd ed Tsuneya Ikezu, Howard E. Gendelman Springer ebooks
Neurological Regeneration Phuc Van Pham Stem Cells in Clinical Applications Springer ebooks
New Insights on Antiviral Probiotics Imad Al Kassaa Springer ebooks
Next gen PhD : a guide to career paths in science / Melanie V. Sinche. Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2016. paper book
Nutritional Modulators of Pain in the Aging Population Edited by:Ronald Ross Watson and Sherma Zibadi Science Direct
Oat Sebastian Gasparis Methods in Molecular Biology 1536 Springer ebooks
Plant Cells and their Organelles Editor(s): William V. Dashek, Gurbachan S. Miglani Wiley Online Library
Plant Life of the Dolomites Erika Pignatti, Sandro Pignatti Springer ebooks
Plant Tolerance to Individual and Concurrent Stresses Muthappa Senthil-Kumar Springer ebooks
Polymer Nanoparticles for Nanomedicines Christine Vauthier, Gilles Ponchel Springer ebooks
Practical Guide to Using Glycomics Databases Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita Springer ebooks
Progress in Botany Vol. 78 Francisco M. Cánovas, Ulrich Lüttge, Rainer Matyssek Springer ebooks
Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science, v.146: Molecular Biology of Aging Science Direct
Psychological Mechanisms in Animal Communication Mark A. Bee, Cory T. Miller Animal Signals and Communication 5 Springer ebooks
Quantitative Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Integrating models with data Otso Ovaskainen, Henrik Johan de Knegt, and Maria del Mar Delgado Oxford Scholarship Online
Recombinant Ecology – A Hybrid Future? Ian D. Rotherham SpringerBriefs in Ecology Springer ebooks
Reptile Ecology and Conservation: A Handbook of Techniques C. Kenneth Dodd Oxford Scholarship Online
Respiratory Treatment and Prevention Mieczyslaw Pokorski Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 944 Springer ebooks
Scientific Scholarly Communication: The Changing Landscape Pali U. K. De Silva, Candace K. Vance Fascinating Life Sciences Springer ebooks
SH2 Domains Kazuya Machida, Bernard A. Liu Methods in Molecular Biology 1555 Springer ebooks
Snake Venoms Hidetoshi Inagaki, Carl-Wilhelm Vogel, Ashis K. Mukherjee, Tarek R. Rahmy Toxinology Springer ebooks
Sorghum Genome Sujay Rakshit, Yi-Hong Wang Compendium of Plant Genomes Springer ebooks
Species Diversity of Animals in Japan Masaharu Motokawa, Hiroshi Kajihara Diversity and Commonality in Animals Springer ebooks
Stress Signaling in Plants: Genomics and Proteomics Perspective, Volume 2 Maryam Sarwat, Altaf Ahmad, M. Z. Abdin, Mohamed M. Ibrahim Springer ebooks
Structural Bioinformatics Tools for Drug Design: Extraction of Biologically Relevant Information from Structural Databases Jaroslav Ko?a, Radka Svobodová Va?eková, Lukáš Pravda, Karel Berka, Stanislav Geidl, David Sehnal, Michal Otyepka SpringerBriefs in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Springer ebooks
Studies on Atherosclerosis Martin Rodriguez-Porcel, Alejandro R. Chade, Jordan D. Miller Oxidative Stress in Applied Basic Research and Clinical Practice Springer ebooks
Studying Animal Languages Without Translation: An Insight from Ants Zhanna Reznikova Springer ebooks
Sustainable Agriculture Reviews, v.22 Eric Lichtfouse Springer ebooks
Tense bees and shell-shocked crabs : are animals conscious? / Michael Tye. New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017] paper book
Theory-Based Ecology: A Darwinian approach Liz Pásztor, Zoltán Botta-Dukát, Gabriella Magyar, Tamás Czárán, and Géza Meszéna Oxford Scholarship Online
Ticks of the Southern Cone of America: Diagnosis, Distribution, and Hosts with Taxonomy, Ecology and Sanitary Importance Santiago Nava, José M. Venzal, Daniel González-Acuña, Thiago F. Martins and Alberto A. Guglielmone Science Direct
Ticks of Trinidad and Tobago – an Overview Asoka Kumar Basu and Roxanne Charles Science Direct
Vertebrate Development: Maternal to Zygotic Control Francisco Pelegri, Michael Danilchik, Ann Sutherland Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 953 Springer ebooks
Vitamins and Hormones, v.104: Neurotrophins Science Direct
Why birds matter : avian ecological function and ecosystem services / C̦ağan H. Şekercioğlu, Daniel G. Wenny, and Christopher J. Whelan, editors. Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2016. paper book
Xylem Miguel de Lucas, J. Peter Etchhells Methods in Molecular Biology 1544 Springer ebooks

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