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Adenoviral Vectors for Gene Therapy, 2nd ed Edited by:David T. Curiel Science Direct
Advanced Mechanical Models of DNA Elasticity Yakov M. Tseytlin Science Direct
Advances in Botanical Research, v.78: Genomes and Evolution of Charophytes, Bryophytes, Lycophytes and Ferns Science Direct
Advances in Genetics, v. 94: Genetics and Molecular Biology of Entomopathogenic Fungi Science Direct
Advances in Immunology, v.129 & 130 Science Direct
Advances in Insect Physiology, v.50: Pine Bark Beetles Science Direct
Advances in Microbial Physiology, v. 68: Advances in Bacterial Electron Transport Systems and Their Regulation Science Direct
Advances in Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Public Health, v.1 Gianfranco Donelli Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 897 Springer ebooks
Advances in Plant Breeding Strategies: Agronomic, Abiotic and Biotic Stress Traits Jameel M. Al-Khayri, Shri Mohan Jain, Dennis V. Johnson Springer ebooks
Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology, v.103 & v.104: Ion Channels as Therapeutic Targets, Part A & Part B Science Direct
Analysis of Oceanic Waters and Sediments Crompton, Thomas Roy CRCnetBase
Angiogenesis in Health, Disease and Malignancy Ali Salajegheh Springer ebooks
Animal Coronaviruses Leyi Wang Springer Protocols Handbooks Springer ebooks
Antibiotic Pharmacodynamics John C. Rotschafer, David R. Andes, Keith A. Rodvold Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology Springer ebooks
Application of Clinical Bioinformatics Xiangdong Wang, Christian Baumgartner, Denis C. Shields, Hong-Wen Deng, Jacques S Beckmann Translational Bioinformatics 11 Springer ebooks
Applied Hierarchical Modeling in Ecology: Analysis of distribution, abundance and species richness in R and BUGS: Volume 1: Prelude and Static Models Marc Kery and J. Andrew Royle Science Direct
Applied Mathematics and Omics to Assess Crop Genetic Resources for Climate Change Adaptive Traits Bari, Abdallah CRCnetBase
Applying Pharmacogenomics in Therapeutics Feng, Xiaodong CRCnetBase
Ascidians in Coastal Water: A Comprehensive Inventory of Ascidian Fauna from the Indian Coast H. Abdul Jaffar Ali, M. Tamilselvi Springer ebooks
Auditory System and Human Sound-Localization Behavior John van Opstal Science Direct
Biology of C Reactive Protein in Health and Disease Waliza Ansar, Shyamasree Ghosh Springer ebooks
Biology of Microfungi De-Wei Li Fungal Biology Springer ebooks
Biology, Ecology and Culture of Grey Mullets (Mugilidae) Crosetti, Donatella CRCnetBase
Botanical Miracles: Chemistry of Plants That Changed the World Cooper, Raymond CRCnetBase
Clinical Pharmacology: Current Topics and Case Studies 2nd ed. 2016 Markus Müller Springer ebooks Collaborative Genomics Projects: A Comprehensive Guide Margi Sheth, Julia Zhang and Jean C. Zenklusen Science Direct
CRISPR-Cas : a laboratory manual / edited by Jennifer Doudna, Prashant Mali. Cold Spring Harbor, New York : Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, [2016] Paper book
C-Type Lectin Receptors in Immunity Sho Yamasaki Springer ebooks
Current Topics in Developmental Biology, v. 118: Hematopoiesis Science Direct
Dryland Forests: Management and Social Diversity in Africa and Asia Purabi Bose, Han van Dijk Springer ebooks
Ecology and Conservation of Lesser Prairie-Chickens Edited by David A. Haukos and Clint Boal CRCnetBase
Edible Seaweeds of the World Pereira, Leonel CRCnetBase
Environmental and Microbial Relationships 3rd ed. 2016 Irina S. Druzhinina, Christian P. Kubicek The Mycota IV Springer ebooks
Epigenetics – A Different Way of Looking at Genetics Walter Doerfler, Petra Böhm Epigenetics and Human Health Springer ebooks
Evolution by Natural Selection: Confidence, Evidence and the Gap Michaelis Michael CRCnetBase
Forest of the Lacandon Maya: An Ethnobotanical Guide Suzanne Cook Springer ebooks
Genome Editing: The Next Step in Gene Therapy Toni Cathomen, Matthew Hirsch, Matthew Porteus Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Springer ebooks
Growth Factors and Cytokines in Skeletal Muscle Development, Growth, Regeneration and Disease Jason White, Gayle Smythe Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 900 Springer ebooks
Handbook of Clinical Neurology, v.134: Gliomas Edited by Mitchel S. Berger and Michael Weller Science Direct
Handbook of Cucurbits: Growth, Cultural Practices, and Physiology Pessarakli, Mohammad CRCnetBase
Handbook of Small Animal Imaging: Preclinical Imaging, Therapy, and Applications Kagadis, George C. Imaging in Medical Diagnosis and Therapy CRCnetBase
Holobiont Imperative: Perspectives from Early Emerging Animals Thomas C. G. Bosch, David J. Miller Springer ebooks
Human iPS Cells in Disease Modelling Keiichi Fukuda Springer ebooks
Immunohistochemistry Alexander E. Kalyuzhny Techniques in Life Science and Biomedicine for the Non-Expert Springer ebooks
Immunology of the Skin Kenji Kabashima Springer ebooks
International Review of Neurobiology, v.126: Animal Models for Medications Screening to Treat Addiction and v.127: Controversies In Diabetic Neuropathy Science Direct
Introduction to Ethnobiology Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque, Rômulo Romeu Nóbrega Alves Springer ebooks
Introduction to Molecular Vaccinology Matthias Giese Springer ebooks
Lessons in Immunity: From Single-Cell Organisms to Mammals edited by:Loriano Ballarin and Matteo Cammarata Science Direct
Lipids in Plant and Algae Development Yuki Nakamura, Yonghua Li-Beisson Subcellular Biochemistry 86 Springer ebooks
Mapping of Nervous System Diseases via MicroRNAs Barbato, Christian Frontiers in Neurotherapeutics Series CRCnetBase
Marathon Running: Physiology, Psychology, Nutrition and Training Aspects Christoph Zinner, Billy Sperlich Springer ebooks
Marine and Freshwater Toxins P. Gopalakrishnakone, Vidal Haddad Jr., Aurelia Tubaro, Euikyung Kim, William R. Kem Toxinology Springer ebooks
Marine Ecological Processes 3rd ed. 2015 Ivan Valiela Springer ebooks
Medicinal Plants and Malaria: Applications, Trends, and Prospects Teng, Woon-Chien Traditional Herbal Medicines for Modern Times CRCnetBase
Membrane Protein – Lipid Interactions: Physics and Chemistry in the Bilayer Jordi H. Borrell, Òscar Domènech, Kevin M.W. Keough SpringerBriefs in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Springer ebooks
Metabolic Control Stephan Herzig Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology 233 Springer ebooks
Metabolic Response of Slowly Absorbed Carbohydrates in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Meidjie Ang SpringerBriefs in Systems Biology Springer ebooks
Methods in Enzymology, v.571: Rational Design of Enzyme-Nanomaterials Science Direct
Micro-, Meso- and Macro-Connectomics of the Brain [open access] Henry Kennedy, David C. Van Essen, Yves Christen Research and Perspectives in Neurosciences Springer ebooks
Microbial Inoculants in Sustainable Agricultural Productivity: Vol. 2: Functional Applications Dhananjaya Pratap Singh, Harikesh Bahadur Singh, Ratna Prabha Springer ebooks
Microbial-mediated Induced Systemic Resistance in Plants Devendra K. Choudhary, Ajit Varma Springer ebooks
Multicellularity : origins and evolution / edited by Karl J. Niklas and Stuart A. Newman. Vienna series in theoretical biology. Cambridge, Massachusetts : The Mit Press, [2016] Paper book
Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells and Cancer David Escors, James E. Talmadge, Karine Breckpot, Jo A. Van Ginderachter, Grazyna Kochan SpringerBriefs in Immunology Springer ebooks
Nanomaterials: Science and Applications Kane, Deborah M. CRCnetBase
New Approaches to Drug Discovery Ulrich Nielsch, Ulrike Fuhrmann, Stefan Jaroch Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology 232 Springer ebooks
New Weapons to Control Bacterial Growth Tomas G. Villa, Miguel Vinas Springer ebooks Nonsense Mutation Correction in Human Diseases: An Approach for Targeted Medicine Fabrice Lejeune Science Direct
Novel Biomarkers in the Continuum of Breast Cancer Vered Stearns Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 882 Springer ebooks
Optogenetics Arash Kianianmomeni Methods in Molecular Biology 1408 Springer ebooks
Physiology of Microalgae Michael A. Borowitzka, John Beardall, John A. Raven Developments in Applied Phycology 6 Springer ebooks
Plant Breeding: Past, Present and Future John E. Bradshaw Springer ebooks
Plant Genomics and Climate Change David Edwards, Jacqueline Batley Springer ebooks
Plant, Soil and Microbes: Volume 1: Implications in Crop Science Khalid Rehman Hakeem, Mohd Sayeed Akhtar, Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah Springer ebooks
Poliovirus Javier Martín Methods in Molecular Biology 1387 Springer ebooks
Primer Effects by Murine Pheromone Signaling: Pheromonal Influences on Reproductive Conditions Sachiko Koyama SpringerBriefs in Animal Sciences Springer ebooks
Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, 6th ed Meir H. Kryger, Thomas Roth and William C. Dement Science Direct
Principles of Cancer Genetics 2nd ed. 2016 Fred Bunz Springer ebooks
Progress in Brain Research, v.225:New Horizons in Neurovascular Coupling: A Bridge Between Brain Circulation and Neural Plasticity Science Direct
Python Programming for Biology: Bioinformatics and Beyond By Tim J. Stevens ; Wayne Boucher Cambridge ebooks
Quasispecies: From Theory to Experimental Systems Esteban Domingo, Peter Schuster Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 392 Springer ebooks
RNA-Protein Complexes and Interactions Ren-Jang Lin Methods in Molecular Biology 1421 Springer ebooks
Silvopastoral Systems in Southern South America Pablo Luis Peri, Francis Dube, Alexandre Varella Advances in Agroforestry 11 Springer ebooks
Spider Venoms P. Gopalakrishnakone, Gerardo Corzo, Maria Elena de Lima, Elia Diego-García Toxinology Springer ebooks
Statistical Genomics Ewy Mathé, Sean Davis Methods in Molecular Biology 1418 Springer ebooks
Structure and Function of Mountain Ecosystems in Japan: Biodiversity and Vulnerability to Climate Change Gaku Kudo Ecological Research Monographs Springer ebooks
Th2 Type Immune Response in Health and Disease: From Host Defense and Allergy to Metabolic Homeostasis and Beyond William C. Gause, David Artis Springer ebooks
Therapeutic Potentials of Curcumin for Alzheimer Disease Akhlaq A. Farooqui Springer ebooks
Translational Neuroscience: Fundamental Approaches for Neurological Disorders Mark H. Tuszynski Springer ebooks
Translational Toxicology: Defining a New Therapeutic Discipline Claude L. Hughes, Michael D. Waters Molecular and Integrative Toxicology Springer ebooks
Tropical Tree Physiology: Adaptations and Responses in a Changing Environment Guillermo Goldstein, Louis S. Santiago Tree Physiology 6 Springer ebooks
Tumor Immunology Attilio Bondanza, Monica Casucci Methods in Molecular Biology 1393 Springer ebooks
Tunable Laser Applications, Third Edition Duarte, F.J. Optical Science and Engineering CRCnetBase
Urban Horticulture Waliczek, Tina Marie CRCnetBase
Utility of Bromelain and N-Acetylcysteine in Treatment of Peritoneal Dissemination of Gastrointestinal Mucin-Producing Malignancies Afshin Amini, Samar Masoumi-Moghaddam, David L. Morris Springer ebooks
Vitamins & Hormones, v.101: Klotho Science Direct

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