Biology books and ebooks added January, 2016

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ABC Transporters – 40 Years on Anthony M. George Springer ebooks
Advances in Botanical Research, v.76: Plant Cyclotides Science Direct
Advances in Botanical Research, v.75: Plant Microbe Interactions Science Direct
Advances in Clinical Science Mieczyslaw Pokorski Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 878 Springer ebooks
Advances in Marine Biology, v.73: Humpback Dolphins (Sousa spp.): Current Status and Conservation, Part 2 Science Direct
Algae and Environmental Sustainability Bhaskar Singh, Kuldeep Bauddh, Faizal Bux Developments in Applied Phycology 7 Springer ebooks
Algae World Dinabandhu Sahoo, Joseph Seckbach Cellular Origin, Life in Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology 26 Springer ebooks
Alternaria Diseases of Crucifers: Biology, Ecology and Disease Management Govind Singh Saharan, Naresh Mehta, Prabhu Dayal Meena Springer ebooks
Anaerobiosis and Stemness: An evolutionary paradigm Zoran Ivanovic and Marija Vlaski-Lafarge Science Direct
Analysis of biological processes: Verbal description, schemes, and mathematical models Alfonsas Juška Springer ebooks
Analytical Chemistry of Cannabis: Quality Assessment, Assurance, and Regulation of Medicinal Marijuana and Cannabinoid Preparations Brian F. Thomas and Mahmoud Elsohly Science Direct
Antimicrobial Peptides Jürgen Harder, Jens-M. Schröder Birkhäuser Advances in Infectious Diseases Springer ebooks
Applications of NMR Spectroscopy, vol. 1 Atta-ur-Rahman and M. Iqbal Choudhary Science Direct
Applications of NMR Spectroscopy, vol. 2 Atta-ur-Rahman and M. Iqbal Choudhary Science Direct
Applied Soil Physical Properties, Drainage, and Irrigation Strategies. Lambert B. McCarty, Lewis Ray Hubbard Jr., Virgil Quisenberry Springer ebooks
B Cell Receptor Signaling Tomohiro Kurosaki, Jürgen Wienands Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 393 Springer ebooks
Basic and Clinical Toxicology of Mustard Compounds Mahdi Balali-Mood, Mohammad Abdollahi Springer ebooks
Bats in the Anthropocene: Conservation of Bats in a Changing World Christian C. Voigt, Tigga Kingston Springer open access ebooks
Beneficial Microorganisms in Agriculture, Aquaculture and Other Areas Min-Tze Liong Microbiology Monographs 29 Springer ebooks
Beneficial Microorganisms in Food and Nutraceuticals Min-Tze Liong Microbiology Monographs 27 Springer ebooks
Beneficial Microorganisms in Medical and Health Applications Min-Tze Liong Microbiology Monographs 28 Springer ebooks
Biological Invasions in Changing Ecosystems – Vectors, Ecological Impacts, Management and Predictions Ed. by Canning-Clode, João deGruyter open access ebook
Biosemiotic Perspectives on Language and Linguistics Ekaterina Velmezova, Kalevi Kull, Stephen J. Cowley. Biosemiotics,13 Springer ebooks
Biotechnological strategies for the conservation of medicinal and ornamental climbers Anwar Shahzad, Shiwali Sharma, Saeed A. Siddiqui Springer ebooks
Botrytis – the Fungus, the Pathogen and its Management in Agricultural Systems Sabine Fillinger, Yigal Elad Springer ebooks
Brain Mapping: an Encyclopedia Reference Editor-in-Chief: Arthur W. Toga. ScienceDirect
Cancer Gene Profiling 2nd ed. 2016 Robert Grützmann, Christian Pilarsky Methods in Molecular Biology 1381 Springer ebooks
Canopy Photosynthesis: From Basics to Applications Kouki Hikosaka, Ülo Niinemets, Niels P.R. Anten Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration 42 Springer ebooks
Cell : a visual tour of the building block of life / Jack Challoner consultant editor, Dr. Phil Dash. Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2015. paper book
Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 13 Bruce A. Schulte, Thomas E. Goodwin, Michael H. Ferkin Springer ebooks
Chromosomal Translocations and Genome Rearrangements in Cancer Janet D. Rowley, Michelle M. Le Beau, Terence H. Rabbitts Springer ebooks
Clinical Applications for Next-Generation Sequencing Edited by:Urszula Demkow and Rafal Ploski ScienceDirect
Clinical Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Drug Analysis Uttam Garg Methods in Molecular Biology 1383 Springer ebooks
Congenital Heart Diseases: The Broken Heart Silke Rickert-Sperling, Robert G. Kelly, David J. Driscoll Springer ebooks
Contextualizing Systems Biology Martin Döring, Imme Petersen, Anne Brüninghaus, Regine Kollek Springer ebooks
Crop Production and Global Environmental Issues Khalid Rehman Hakeem Springer ebooks
Cuban Blindness: Diary of a Mysterious Epidemic Neuropathy Gustavo C. Román Science Direct
Current Topics in Membranes, v.77: Dynamic Plasma Membranes Portals Between Cells and Physiology Science Direct
Derivative Spectrophotometry and PAM-Fluorescence in Comparative Biochemistry Vladimir S. Saakov, Alexander I. Krivchenko, Eugene V. Rozengart, Irina G. Danilova Springer ebooks
Discreet Charm of Protein Binding Sites Joseph Yariv Springer ebooks
Dynamic Thinking: A Primer on Dynamic Field Theory Gregor Schöner and John Spencer Oxford Scholarship Online
Ecology of Animal Senses: Matched Filters for Economical Sensing Gerhard von der Emde, Eric Warrant. Springer ebooks
Electrophysiological Analysis of Synaptic Transmission Yan Dong, Nicholas Graziane Neuromethods 112 Springer ebooks
Epigenetic Biomarkers and Diagnostics Edited by:José Luis García-Giménez Science Direct
Epigenome and Developmental Origins of Health and Disease Edited by:Cheryl S. Rosenfeld Science Direct
Ethnobiology of Corals and Coral Reefs Nemer Narchi, Lisa Leimar Price Ethnobiology Springer ebooks
Food Safety Risks from Wildlife Michele Jay-Russell, Michael P. Doyle Food Microbiology and Food Safety Springer ebooks
Forward to Professorship in STEM: Inclusive Faculty Development Strategies That Work Rachelle S. Heller, Catherine Maveriplis and Paul S. Sabila Science Direct
Fungi, 3rd ed Sarah C. Watkinson, Nicholas Money and Lynne Boddy Science Direct
Genetic Diversity and Erosion in Plants M.R. Ahuja, S. Mohan Jain Sustainable Development and Biodiversity 8 Springer ebooks
Handbook of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Tancredo Souza Springer ebooks
Hepatic De Novo Lipogenesis and Regulation of Metabolism James M Ntambi Springer ebooks
Historical Perspective on Evidence-Based Immunology Edited by:Edward J. Moticka Science Direct
HIV Protocols 3rd ed. 2016 Vinayaka R. Prasad, Ganjam V. Kalpana Methods in Molecular Biology 1354 Springer ebooks
Hsp60 Chaperonin Peter Bross SpringerBriefs in Molecular Science Springer ebooks
Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells Kursad Turksen, Andras Nagy Methods in Molecular Biology 1357 Springer ebooks
International Manual of Oncology Practice Ramon Andrade de Mello, Álvaro Tavares, Giannis Mountzios Springer ebooks
International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology, v.321 Science Direct
Introduction to Neural Information Processing Peiji Liang, Si Wu, Fanji Gu Springer ebooks
Introduction to Protein Mass Spectrometry Pradip Kumar Ghosh Science Direct
Ion Channels and Transporters of Epithelia in Health and Disease Kirk L. Hamilton, Daniel C. Devor Physiology in Health and Disease Springer ebooks
Kidney Research 2nd ed. 2016 Tim D. Hewitson, Edward R. Smith, Stephen G. Holt Methods in Molecular Biology 1397 Springer ebooks
Lives of Lepidopterists Lee A. Dyer, Matthew L. Forister Springer ebooks
Long Non-Coding RNAs Yi Feng, Lin Zhang Methods in Molecular Biology 1402 Springer ebooks
Lung Cancer and Personalized Medicine Aamir Ahmad, Shirish Gadgeel Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 893 Springer ebooks
Lung Cancer and Personalized Medicine: Novel Therapies and Clinical Management Aamir Ahmad, Shirish M. Gadgeel Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 890 Springer ebooks
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Derived Exosomes: The Potential for Translational Nanomedicine Yaoliang Tang and Buddhadeb Dawn ScienceDirect
Methods in Cell Biology, v.131: The Neuronal Cytoskeleton, Motor Proteins, and Organelle Trafficking in the Axon Science Direct
Methods in Enzymology, v.566: Isotope Labeling of Biomolecules – Applications Science Direct
Methods in Enzymology, v.567: Calorimetry Science Direct
Methods in Enzymology, v.568: Intermediate Filament Proteins Science Direct
Methods in Enzymology, v.569: Intermediate Filament Associated Proteins Science Direct
microRNA: Basic Science Gaetano Santulli Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 887 Springer ebooks
microRNA: Cancer Gaetano Santulli Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 889 Springer ebooks
microRNA: Medical Evidence Gaetano Santulli Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 888 Springer ebooks
Mitochondrial Case Studies: Underlying Mechanisms and Diagnosis Edited by:Russell Saneto, Sumit Parikh and Bruce H. Cohen Science Direct
Multimedia Signals and Systems 2nd ed. 2016 Srdjan Stanković, Irena Orović, Ervin Sejdić Springer ebooks
Netter’s Atlas of Neuroscience, 3rd ed David L. Felten, Michael K O’Banion and Mary E Maida Science Direct
Neural Functions of the Delta-Opioid Receptor Ying Xia Springer ebooks
Neuromechanical Modeling of Posture and Locomotion Boris I. Prilutsky, Donald H. Edwards Springer Series in Computational Neuroscience Springer ebooks
New Frontiers in Mirror Neurons Research Pier Francesco Ferrari and Giacomo Rizzolatti (eds) Oxford Scholarship Online
Next Generation Sequencing – Advances, Applications and Challenges Jerzy K Kulski Interch open access
NF-κB-Related Genetic Diseases Gilles Courtois, Alessandra Pescatore, Jérémie Gautheron, Francesca Fusco, Matilde Valeria Ursini, Anna Senegas SpringerBriefs in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 0 Springer ebooks
Non-coding RNA and the Reproductive System Dagmar Wilhelm, Pascal Bernard Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 886 Springer ebooks
Novel Mechanisms of Memory Karl Peter Giese, Kasia Radwanska Springer ebooks
Organic Cation Transporters Giuliano Ciarimboli, Sophie Gautron, Eberhard Schlatter Springer ebooks
Osmolytes and Plants Acclimation to Changing Environment: Emerging Omics Technologies Noushina Iqbal, Rahat Nazar, Nafees A. Khan Springer ebooks
Osteoimmunology: Interactions of the Immune and Skeletal Systems, 2nd ed Edited by:Joseph Lorenzo, Mark Horowitz, Yongwon Choi, Hiroshi Takayanagi and Georg Schett ScienceDirect
Patho-Epigenetics of Infectious Disease Janos Minarovits, Hans Helmut Niller Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 879 Springer ebooks
Pathophysiology of Respiration Mieczyslaw Pokorski Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 884 Springer ebooks
Pharmacological Assays of Plant-Based Natural Products Parimelazhagan Thangaraj Progress in Drug Research 71 Springer ebooks
Plant Cell Division Marie-Cécile Caillaud Methods in Molecular Biology 1370 Springer ebooks
Plant Life of Southwestern Australia Groom, Philip / Lamont, Byron deGruyter open access ebook
Plant Life of the Dolomites Erika Pignatti, Sandro Pignatti Springer ebooks
Post-transcriptional Mechanisms in Endocrine Regulation K.M.J. Menon, Aaron C. Goldstrohm Springer ebooks
Problematic Wildlife Francesco M. Angelici Springer ebooks
Processes of Life: Essays in the Philosophy of Biology John Dupre Oxford Scholarship Online
Progress in Brain Research, v.223: Neuroscience for Addiction Medicine: From Prevention to Rehabilitation – Constructs and Drugs Science Direct
Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science, v.137: The Molecular Basis of Drug Addiction Science Direct
Prominent Feature Extraction for Sentiment Analysis Basant Agarwal, Namita Mittal Socio-Affective Computing Springer ebooks
Proteomics in Systems Biology Jörg Reinders Methods in Molecular Biology 1394 Springer ebooks
PTEN Leonardo Salmena, Vuk Stambolic Methods in Molecular Biology Springer ebooks
P-Type ATPases Maike Bublitz Methods in Molecular Biology 1377 Springer ebooks
Rainwater Harvesting for Agriculture and Water Supply Qiang Zhu, John Gould, Yuanhong Li, Chengxiang Ma Springer ebooks
Regenerative Medicine for Degenerative Muscle Diseases Martin K. Childers Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Springer ebooks
Regulation of Ca2+-ATPases,V-ATPases and F-ATPases Sajal Chakraborti, Naranjan S. Dhalla Advances in Biochemistry in Health and Disease 14 Springer ebooks
Regulation of Membrane Na+-K+ ATPase Sajal Chakraborti, Naranjan S. Dhalla Advances in Biochemistry in Health and Disease 15 Springer ebooks
Reviews in Fluorescence 2015 Chris D. Geddes Reviews in Fluorescence 8 Springer ebooks
Satureja: Ethnomedicine, Phytochemical Diversity and Pharmacological Activities Soodabeh Saeidnia, Ahmad Reza Gohari, Azadeh Manayi, Mahdieh Kourepaz-Mahmoodabadi SpringerBriefs in Pharmacology and Toxicology Springer ebooks
Scented rice (Oryza sativa L.) Cultivars of India: A Perspective on Quality and Diversity Altafhusain Nadaf, Sarika Mathure, Narendra Jawali Springer ebooks
Sentic Computing Erik Cambria, Amir Hussain Socio-Affective Computing 1 Springer ebooks
Short Guide to Brain Imaging: The Neuroscience of Human Cognition Richard E. Passingham and James B. Rowe Oxford Scholarship Online
Short Views on Insect Genomics and Proteomics: Insect Proteomics, Vol.2 Chandrasekar Raman, Marian R. Goldsmith, Tolulope A. Agunbiade Entomology in Focus 4 Springer ebooks
Somatic Embryogenesis in Ornamentals and Its Applications A. Mujib Springer ebooks
Stem Cells and Cardiac Regeneration Rosalinda Madonna Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Springer ebooks
Superantigens Amanda J. Brosnahan Methods in Molecular Biology 1396 Springer ebooks
Sustainable Pest Management in Date Palm: Current Status and Emerging Challenges Waqas Wakil, Jose Romeno Faleiro, Thomas A. Miller Sustainability in Plant and Crop Protection Springer ebooks
Systems Biology of Tumor Physiology David H. Nguyen SpringerBriefs in Cancer Research Springer ebooks
Systems Medicine Ulf Schmitz, Olaf Wolkenhauer Methods in Molecular Biology 1386 Springer ebooks
Technical Aspects of Toxicological Immunohistochemistry: System Specific Biomarkers Syed A. Aziz, Rekha Mehta Springer ebooks
Towards a New Neuromorphology Rudolf Nieuwenhuys, Luis Puelles Springer ebooks
Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the Solega: A Linguistic Perspective Aung Si. Ethnobiology Springer ebooks
Translational Immunology: Mechanisms and Pharmacologic Approaches Seng-Lai Tan Science Direct
Translational Medicine: Tools and Techniques Edited by:Aamir Shahzad Science Direct
Varicocele and Male Infertility Alaa Hamada, Sandro C. Esteves, Ashok Agarwal SpringerBriefs in Reproductive Biology Springer ebooks
Ventilatory Disorders Mieczyslaw Pokorski Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 873 Springer ebooks
Virus as Populations: Composition, Complexity, Dynamics, and Biological Implications Esteban Domingo. ScienceDirect
Vitamins & Hormones, v.100: Vitamin D Hormone Science Direct
Yeast Membrane Transport José Ramos, Hana Sychrová, Maik Kschischo Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 892 Springer ebooks

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