Biology books and ebooks added April 2018

3D Sponge-Matrix Histoculture Robert M. Hoffman Methods in Molecular Biology 1760 Springer ebooks
Advances in Applied Microbiology, v.102 Science Direct
Advances in Botanical Research, v.85: Plastid Genome Evolution Science Direct
Advances in Botanical Research, v.86: Transgenic Plants and Beyond Science Direct
Advances in Food and Nutrition Research, v.84 Science Direct
Advances in Marine Biology, v.77 & 78: Northeast Pacific Shark Biology, Research and Conservation Part A & B Science Direct
Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology, v.112: Therapeutic Proteins and Peptides Science Direct
Aeroecology Phillip B. Chilson, Winifred F. Frick, Jeffrey F. Kelly, Felix Liechti Springer ebooks
Agroforestry: Anecdotal to Modern Science Jagdish Chander Dagar, Vindhya Prasad Tewari Springer ebooks
Analysis and Control of Polynomial Dynamic Models with Biological Applications Gábor Szederkényi, Attila Magyar and Katalin M. Hangos Science Direct
Applied RNA Bioscience Seiji Masuda, Shingo Izawa Springer ebooks
Basic Applied Bioinformatics Chandra Sekhar Mukhopadhyay; Ratan Kumar Choudhary; Mir Asif Iquebal Safari Tech eBooks
Basic Concepts in Clinical Biochemistry: A Practical Guide Vijay Kumar, Kiran Dip Gill Springer ebooks
Behavioral Neurobiology of Psychedelic Drugs Adam L. Halberstadt, Franz X. Vollenweider, David E. Nichols Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences 36 Springer ebooks
Behavioral Neuroscience of Learning and Memory Robert E. Clark, Stephen Martin Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences 37 Springer ebooks
Being ecological / Timothy Morton. Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2018] paper book
Bioactive Components, Diet and Medical Treatment in Cancer Prevention Mostafa I. Waly, Mohammad Shafiur Rahman Springer ebooks
Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering Kanika Chawla Methods in Molecular Biology 1758 Springer ebooks
Brief History of Blood and Lymphatic Vessels Andreas Bikfalvi Springer ebooks
Brugada Phenocopy:The Art of Recognizing the Brugada ECG Pattern Edited by:Adrian Baranchuk Science Direct
Ca2+ Pump of Plasma Membranes Alcides F. Rega Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Cell Surface GRP78, a New Paradigm in Signal Transduction Biology Edited by:Salvatore V. Pizzo Science Direct
Cell-Based Microarrays Peter Ertl, Mario Rothbauer Methods in Molecular Biology 1771 Springer ebooks
Cellular Ecophysiology of Microbe: Hydrocarbon and Lipid Interactions Tino Krell Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology Springer ebooks
Cilia: Development and Disease Edited By Paraskevi Goggolidou Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Clinical Toxinology in Australia, Europe, and Americas Carl-Wilhelm Vogel, Steven A. Seifert, Denise V. Tambourgi Toxinology Springer ebooks
Colorectal Cancer Jean-François Beaulieu Methods in Molecular Biology 1765 Springer ebooks
Computational Drug Discovery and Design Mohini Gore, Umesh B. Jagtap Methods in Molecular Biology 1762 Springer ebooks
Conn’s Handbook of Models for Human Aging, 2nd ed Edited by:P. Michael Conn and Jeffrey L. Ram Science Direct
Consequences of Microbial Interactions with Hydrocarbons, Oils, and Lipids: Production of Fuels and Chemicals Sang Yup Lee Handbook of Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology Springer ebooks
Coordinating Organismal Physiology Through the Unfolded Protein Response R. Luke Wiseman, Cole M. Haynes Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 414 Springer ebooks
Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing: Estimation of Agricultural Crop Biomass Water Equivalent [open access] Ammar Wahbi, Lee Heng, Gerd Dercon Springer ebooks
CpG Islands Tanya Vavouri, Miguel A. Peinado Methods in Molecular Biology 1766 Springer ebooks
Current Advances in Fern Research Helena Fernández Springer ebooks
Data Stewardship for Open Science: Implementing FAIR Principles Barend Mons Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Defence Against Bioterrorism Vladan Radosavljevic, Ines Banjari, Goran Belojevic NATO Science for Peace and Security Series A: Chemistry and Biology Springer ebooks
Design of Self-Assembling Materials Ivan Coluzza Springer ebooks
Ecosystem Services from Forest Landscapes: Broadscale Considerations Ajith H. Perera, Urmas Peterson, Guillermo Martínez Pastur, Louis R. Iverson Springer ebooks
Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Alfred K. Lam Methods in Molecular Biology 1756 Springer ebooks
European Russian Forests: Their Current State and Features of Their History Olga V. Smirnova, Maxim V. Bobrovsky, Larisa G. Khanina Plant and Vegetation 15 Springer ebooks
Examination Questions and Answers in Basic Anatomy and Physiology: 2400 Multiple Choice Questions 2nd ed. 2018 Martin Caon Springer ebooks
Extinction studies : stories of time, death, and generations / edited by Deborah Bird Rose, Thom van Dooren, and Matthew Chrulew. New York : Columbia University Press, [2017] paper book
Extracellular Matrix for Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Anna C. Berardi Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Springer ebooks
Extremophiles: From Biology to Biotechnology Edited By Ravi V. Durvasula, D. V. Subba Rao Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Forensic Ecogenomics: The Application of Microbial Ecology Analyses in Forensic Contexts Edited by:Theresia Komang Ralebitso-Senior Science Direct
Functional Surfaces in Biology III: Diversity of the Physical Phenomena Stanislav N. Gorb, Elena V. Gorb Biologically-Inspired Systems 10 Springer ebooks
Heat Shock Proteins in the Immune System Robert J. Binder, Pramod K. Srivastava Springer ebooks
History of Plant Breeding Rolf Schlegel Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Human-Insect Interactions Sergey Govorushko Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Improving the Profitability, Sustainability and Efficiency of Nutrients Through Site Specific Fertilizer Recommendations in West Africa Agro-Ecosystems, v.1 Andre Bationo, Djimasbé Ngaradoum, Sansan Youl, Francois Lompo, Joseph Opoku Fening Springer ebooks
Improving the Profitability, Sustainability and Efficiency of Nutrients Through Site Specific Fertilizer Recommendations in West Africa Agro-Ecosystems, v.2 Andre Bationo, Djimasbé Ngaradoum, Sansan Youl, Francois Lompo, Joseph Opoku Fening Springer ebooks
International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology, v.338: G Protein-Coupled Receptors: Emerging Paradigms in Activation, Signaling and Regulation Part A Science Direct
International Review of Neurobiology, v.138: Neurobiology of the Placebo Effect Part I Science Direct
Introduction to Experimental Biophysics: Biological Methods for Physical Scientists, 2nd ed Jay L. Nadeau Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Introduction to Proteins: Structure, Function, and Motion, Second Edition Amit Kessel, Nir Ben-Tal Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Invasive Stink Bugs and Related Species (Pentatomoidea): Biology, Higher Systematics, Semiochemistry, and Management Edited By J.E. McPherson Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
JIMD Reports, Volume 38 Eva Morava, Matthias Baumgartner, Marc Patterson, Shamima Rahman, Johannes Zschocke, Verena Peters Springer ebooks
Landscape Ecology for Sustainable Society Sun-Kee Hong, Nobukazu Nakagoshi Springer ebooks
Melanin-Concentrating Hormone and Sleep: Molecular, Functional and Clinical Aspects S. R. Pandi-Perumal, Pablo Torterolo, Jaime M. Monti Springer ebooks
Membrane Dynamics and Calcium Signaling Joachim Krebs Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 981 Springer ebooks
Metabolic Interaction in Infection Ricardo Silvestre, Egídio Torrado Experientia Supplementum 109 Springer ebooks
Metabolic Profiling Georgios A. Theodoridis, Helen G. Gika, Ian D. Wilson Methods in Molecular Biology 1738 Springer ebooks
Methods in Enzymology, v.603: Chemical and Biochemical Approaches for the Study of Anesthetic Function Part B Science Direct
Microbial Cell Factories Deepansh Sharma, Baljeet Singh Saharan Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
MicroRNA: Perspectives in Health and Diseases Jaishree Paul, Rohini Muthuswami Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Molecular and Cellular Basis of Neurodegenerative Diseases: Underlying Mechanisms Edited by:Michael S. Wolfe Science Direct
Molecular and Therapeutic actions of Thymoquinone Hina Younus Springer ebooks
Mysteries in Muscle Contraction: Evidence against Current Dogmas Haruo Sugi Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Nanoscale Biophysics of the Cell Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman Springer ebooks
Neuronal Correlates of Empathy: From Rodent to Human Edited by:Ksenia Meyza and Ewelina Knapska Science Direct
Neuropsychiatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Shunsei Hirohata Springer ebooks
New Age Herbals: Resource, Quality and Pharmacognosy Brahma Singh, K.V. Peter Springer ebooks
Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Signaling in Neuroprotection Akinori Akaike, Shun Shimohama, Yoshimi Misu Springer ebooks
Nitric Oxide Alexander Mengel, Christian Lindermayr Methods in Molecular Biology 1747 Springer ebooks
Omics Technologies and Bio-Engineering: Volume 2: Towards Improving Quality of Life Edited by:Debmalya Barh and Vasco Azevedo Science Direct
Organs and Organoids Jamie A. Davies and Melanie L. Lawrence Science Direct
Origin and Evolution of the Genetic Code: 100th Anniversary Year of the Birth of Francis Crick open access version of a special issue published in Life
Orthopedic Biomaterials Bingyun Li, Thomas Webster Springer ebooks
P5 Medicine and Justice: Innovation, Unitariness and Evidence Santo Davide Ferrara Springer ebooks
Pancreatic Cancer 2nd ed. 2018 John P. Neoptolemos, Raul Urrutia, James L. Abbruzzese, Markus W. Büchler Springer ebooks
Parasite Chronicles: My Lifelong Odyssey Among the Parasites that Cause Human Disease Boo H. Kwa Springer ebooks
Participatory Design and Self-building in Shared Urban Open Spaces: Community Gardens and Casitas in New York City Carolin Mees Urban Agriculture Springer ebooks
Pet-To-Man Travelling Staphylococci Edited by:Vincenzo Savini Science Direct
Physiological Models in Microbiology, v.1 M. Bazin Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Physiological Models in Microbiology, v.2 M. Bazin Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Plant Viruses, v.1: Structure and Replication C.L. Mandahar Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Plant Viruses, v.2: Pathology C.L. Mandahar Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Plant Viruses: Diversity, Interaction and Management Edited By Rajarshi Kumar Gaur, SMP Khurana, Yuri Dorokhov Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Preparing for Future Products of Biotechnology National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine freely available NAP ebook
Principles of Biostatistics, 2nd ed Marcello Pagano, Kimberlee Gauvreau Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Progress in Medicinal Chemistry, v.57 Science Direct
Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science, v.155: Metabolic Aspects of Aging Science Direct
Protein Complex Assembly Joseph A. Marsh Methods in Molecular Biology 1764 Springer ebooks
Quantitative Psychology: he 82nd Annual Meeting of the Psychometric Society, Zurich, Switzerland, 2017 Marie Wiberg, Steven Culpepper, Rianne Janssen, Jorge González, Dylan Molenaar Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 233 Springer ebooks
Reporter Gene Assays Robert Damoiseaux, Samuel Hasson Methods in Molecular Biology 1755 Springer ebooks
Resistance of Targeted Therapies Excluding Antibodies for Lymphomas Andrés J. M. Ferreri Resistance to Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapeutics 17 Springer ebooks
Resistance to Anti-Cancer Therapeutics Targeting Receptor Tyrosine Kinases and Downstream Pathways Yosef Yarden, Moshe Elkabets Resistance to Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapeutics 15 Springer ebooks
RNA Genetics, Volume I: RNA-Directed Virus Replication Esteban Domingo Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Role of the Mediterranean Diet in the Brain and Neurodegenerative Diseases Edited by:Tahira Farooqui and Akhlaq A. Farooqui Science Direct
Role of Transcription Factors in Gastrointestinal Malignancies Ganji Purnachandra Nagaraju, Pallaval Veera Bramhachari Springer ebooks
Salinity Responses and Tolerance in Plants, Volume 1: Targeting Sensory, Transport and Signaling Mechanisms Vinay Kumar, Shabir Hussain Wani, Penna Suprasanna, Lam-Son Phan Tran Springer ebooks
Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser baerii, Brandt, 1869) Volume 1 – Biology Patrick Williot, Guy Nonnotte, Denise Vizziano-Cantonnet, Mikhail Chebanov Springer ebooks
Siberian Sturgeon (Acipenser baerii, Brandt, 1869) Volume 2 – Farming Patrick Williot, Guy Nonnotte, Mikhail Chebanov Springer ebooks
Social by nature : the promise and peril of sociogenomics / Catherine Bliss. Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2018] paper book
Statistical Methods for Field and Laboratory Studies in Behavioral Ecology Scott Pardo, Michael Pardo Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Synthetic Cathinones: Novel Addictive and Stimulatory Psychoactive Substances Jolanta B. Zawilska Current Topics in Neurotoxicity 12 Springer ebooks
Targeting Trafficking in Drug Development Alfredo Ulloa-Aguirre, Ya-Xiong Tao Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology 245 Springer ebooks
Taste for the beautiful : the evolution of attraction / Michael J. Ryan. Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2018] paper book
Thidiazuron: From Urea Derivative to Plant Growth Regulator Naseem Ahmad, Mohammad Faisal Springer ebooks
Trends in Insect Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Dhiraj Kumar, Chengliang Gong Springer ebooks
Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest: Research Trends and Emerging Features J. S. Singh, R.K Chaturvedi Springer ebooks
Urban Biodiversity: From Research to Practice Edited By Alessandro Ossola, Jari Niemelä Taylor & Francis purchased ebook
Viruses: Molecular Biology, Host Interactions and Applications to Biotechnology Edited by:Paula Tennant, Gustavo Fermin and Jerome Foster Science Direct
Wild Animals and Leisure: Rights and Wellbeing Edited By Neil Carr, Janette Young Taylor & Francis purchased ebook
X-Ray Diffraction Imaging of Biological Cells Masayoshi Nakasako Springer Series in Optical Sciences 210 Springer ebooks

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