Historical Business Periodicals

This collection contains Advertising Periodicals, 1815-1888 featuring periodicals that were primarily used as advertising vehicles for businesses and industries, including medicine, fashion, business, industry, agriculture, and others in the 19th century, and Business and General Education Periodicals, 1800-1885, focusing on the long and rich history of business and education in the United Sates and reflecting a […]

Literary Periodicals from American Antiquarian Society (AAS)

This collection contains periodicals covering American literary trends and traditions such as American Literary Periodicals, 1782-1834 which focuses on American literary movement and higher forms of literature and literary criticism, as it distinguished itself from European literary traditions, American Literary Periodicals, 1835-1858 and American Literary Periodicals, 1859-1891 which focus on notable American authors in the 19th century […]

History of Science and Medicine Periodicals

Collection includes Alternative Medicine and Health Periodicals, 1810-1877 that cover the concept of healthy living and alternative medicine exploring such movements as electrology, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, magnetism, phrenology, and Thomsonian medicine in the 19th century. Also includes American Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry Periodicals, 1786-1877 with publications focused on professional medical thought, including dental practice, during the 19th […]

London Geological Society Special Publications

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London Geological Society Special Publications contains integrated collections of online Earth Science literature available. Bringing together key journals, special publications and society book series on a single site, the Lyell collection is a unique resource for researcher and student alike. The Geological Society of London is the oldest national geological society in the world and the […]

Financial Times Historical Archive (1888-2016 )

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A complete online, fully searchable facsimile, the Financial Times Historical Archive, 1888-2016 delivers the complete run of the London edition of this internationally known daily paper, from its first issue through 2016. Every article, advertisement, and market listing is included — shown both individually and in the context of the full page and issue of […]

SPIE (Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers) Ebook Archive

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SPIE Press is the largest independent publisher of optics and photonics books. The collection includes all of the top SPIE Press monographs, reference works, field guides, tutorial texts, and Spotlight eBooks to keep researchers current on the latest science and technology and advancing their own work.  (Purchased ebooks published back to 1989). For questions, contact […]

AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) Journal Backfiles

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AIAA’s journals are resourceful for students and professionals who want to stay current on the latest aerospace research and development. Reporting on the most important aerospace advances, AIAA‘s eight active technical journals feature original research papers spanning the spectrum of aerospace science and technology. We now have access back to volume 1, issue 1 of […]

Independent Digital Archive (1986-2016)

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Independent Digital Archive (1986-2016) A major British daily national newspaper, launched in 1986 as an antidote to its often overtly politicized rivals. The Independent has consistently distinguished itself with innovative graphic design and prominent use of photography. This 3-collection contains digital facsimile of publications from 1986-2016. Besides this archive, you can also access articles from The […]

Agriculture Periodicals Collection

This collection contains periodicals on farming-related activities and technologies in various parts of the United States from late 18th century to 19th century such as Agricultural Periodicals from the Northeastern US, 1789-1879, Agricultural Periodicals from the Southern, Midwestern, and Western US, 1800-1878, Commercial Periodicals from the Southern US, 1811-1877. Topics include instructions for performing one’s own medical […]

Oxford Bibliographies Online: British and Irish Literature

Oxford Bibliographies Online:  British and Irish Literature  contains expert recommendations on the best works available in British and Irish literature; from a chapter, a book, a journal article, a website, or an archive. Each article includes an introduction written by a top scholar in the field.  As a key part of Western literary and cultural […]