Mapping Voter Suppression: An Interview with Gena McClendon

By Jennifer on October 30, 2020 in Data Services News, What's New

Gena McClendon, a speaker on our Geography Awareness Week panel about mapping social justice, talked with me about the history of voter suppression, its enduring impact on our election process, and mapping the problem of voter suppression. McClendon is the director of the Voter Access and Engagement and the Financial Capability and Asset Building initiatives […]

New Resource: the Data Literacy Glossary 

By Jennifer on September 14, 2020 in Data Services News, Uncategorized

Data literacy is an important skill for students at all levels to obtain during their academic lives. In Data Services, we are aware that there are many hurdles to becoming data literate. A big one is data terminology. The Data Services team put together a research guide on data literacies this spring and now would like […]

Remote Access to Specialized Research Data Software Coming This Fall

By Jennifer on September 14, 2020 in Data Services News, What's New

Data Services is now supporting WashU-affiliated users with connecting to Research Studio computers and specialized software. This service is being developed in response to requests from the user community to access tools such as NVivo and SPSS.  Users can find instructions on how to reserve and obtain access in this Remote Research Studio guide. The guide […]

Sharing and Archiving Your Data During Remote Work

By Jennifer on April 21, 2020 in Data Services News

Data Services recognizes that this is a tough time to progress in your research given that collection and analysis have undoubtedly been impacted by our new normal of remote work. One significant step you could take during this time is reviewing and sharing data from projects that have reached a milestone or have been completed. […]