August Springer Books

Assembling and Supplying the ISS  by  David J. Shayler
Baryonic Processes in the Large-Scale Structuring of the Universe  by  Jean-Baptiste Durrive
Buoyancy-Thermocapillary Convection of Volatile Fluids in Confined and Sealed Geometries  by  Tongran Qin
Condensed Matter Applications of AdS/CFT  by  Andrea Amoretti
Cooperative Interactions in Lattices of Atomic Dipoles  by  Robert Bettles
Cosmology for the Curious  by  Delia Perlov, Alex Vilenkin
Dual-Mode Electro-photonic Silicon Biosensors  by  José Juan Colás
Electrification of Particulates in Industrial and Natural Multiphase flows  by  Zhaolin Gu, Wei Wei
Extrasolar Planets and Their Host Stars  by  Kaspar von Braun, Tabetha Boyajian
Finite and Profinite Quantum Systems  by  Apostolos Vourdas
From Stars to States  by  Thierry J.-L. Courvoisier
Globular Cluster Binaries and Gravitational Wave Parameter Estimation  by  Carl-Johan Haster
Lectures on Hyperhamiltonian Dynamics and Physical Applications  by  Giuseppe Gaeta, Miguel A. Rodríguez
Manifestations of Dark Matter and Variations of the Fundamental Constants in Atoms and Astrophysical Phenomena  by  Yevgeny V. Stadnik
Modelling Protocells  by  Roberto Serra, Marco Villani
Modelling the Upper Atmosphere of Gas-Giant Exoplanets Irradiated by Low-Mass Stars  by  Joshua Chadney
On the Inside of a Marble  by  Gavin Bascom
Outskirts of Galaxies  by  Johan H. Knapen, Janice C. Lee, Armando Gil de Paz
Phase Diagram and Magnetic Excitations of BaFe2-xNixAs2: A Neutron Scattering Study  by  Xingye Lu
Pohl’s Introduction to Physics  by  Klaus Lüders, Robert O. Pohl
Rainbows in Channeling of Charged Particles in Crystals and Nanotubes  by  Nebojša Nešković, Srdjan Petrović, Marko Ćosić
Single Frequency Semiconductor Lasers  by  Zujie Fang, Haiwen Cai, Gaoting Chen, Ronghui Qu
Single-Molecule Metal-Induced Energy Transfer  by  Narain Karedla
Three Body Dynamics and Its Applications to Exoplanets  by  Zdzislaw Musielak, Billy Quarles
Type-2 Fuzzy Logic  by  Rómulo Antão
Understanding Viscoelasticity, 3rd ed.  by  Nhan Phan-Thien, Nam Mai-Duy
Vortices and Nanostructured Superconductors  by  Adrian Crisan
Weak-Coupling Theory of Topological Superconductivity  by  Thomas Scaffidi

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