August Physics Springer eBooks

Advances in Nanotechnology and Its Applications   by  Ahmad Tariq Jameel, Abu Zahrim Yaser
Associated Production of W + Charm in 13 TeV Proton-Proton Collisions Measured with CMS and Determination of the Strange Quark Content of the Proton   by  Svenja Karen Pflitsch
Astronomy of the Inca Empire   by  Steven R. Gullberg
Auralization, 2nd ed.   by  Michael Vorländer
Azimuthal Walsh Filters   by  Indrani Bhattacharya, Lakshminarayan Hazra
Bifurcation and Stability in Nonlinear Discrete Systems   by  Albert C. J. Luo
Biophysics   by  William C. Parke
Birth of Science   by  Alex Ely Kossovsky
Computational Biomechanics for Medicine   by  Karol Miller, Adam Wittek, Grand Joldes, Martyn P. Nash, Poul M. F. Nielsen
Computational Methods for Nanoscale Applications, 2nd ed.   by  Igor Tsukerman
Dynamic and Stimuli-Responsive Multi-Phase Emulsion Droplets for Optical Components   by  Sara Nagelberg
Fluctuations and Non-Equilibrium Phenomena in Strongly-Correlated Ultracold Atoms   by  Kazuma Nagao
General Model Independent Searches for Physics Beyond the Standard Model   by  Saranya Samik Ghosh, Thomas Hebbeker, Arnd Meyer, Tobias Pook
Gravitational Waves   by  Ajit Kembhavi, Pushpa Khare
Henri Poincaré: Electrons to Special Relativity   by  Bruce D Popp
Hot Matter from High-Power Lasers   by  Peter Mulser
Human Enhancements for Space Missions   by  Konrad Szocik
Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Containing Molecules on Metal Surfaces   by  Hideaki Kasai, Allan Abraham B. Padama, Bhume Chantaramolee, Ryan L. Arevalo
Introduction to the Confinement Problem, 2nd ed.   by  Jeff Greensite
Management 4.0   by  James R. Reagan, Madhusudan Singh
Mathematical Modelling of Meteoroid Streams   by  Galina O. Ryabova
Microphysics of Magnetic Reconnection in Near-Earth Space   by  Giulia Cozzani
Multipactor in Accelerating Cavities   by  Valery D. Shemelin, Sergey A. Belomestnykh
Neural-Network Simulation of Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems   by  Stefanie Czischek
Non-equilibrium Dynamics of Tunnel-Coupled Superfluids   by  Marine Pigneur
Physics of Laser Plasmas and Applications – Volume 1   by  Hideaki Takabe
Plasma Cancer Therapy   by  Michael Keidar
Precision Machines   by  Zhuangde Jiang, Shuming Yang
Recent Advances in Engineering Mathematics and Physics   by  Mohamed Hesham Farouk, Maha Amin Hassanein
Search for the Decay K_L → π^0\nu\bar{\nu} at the J-PARC KOTO Experiment   by  Kota Nakagiri
Searching for Squarks   by  Samuel Jones
Spacecraft Power System Technologies   by  Qi Chen, Zhigang Liu, Xiaofeng Zhang, Liying Zhu
Spacefarer’s Handbook   by  Bergita Ganse, Urs Ganse
Statistical Field Theory for Neural Networks   by  Moritz Helias, David Dahmen
Statistical Mechanics of Hamiltonian Systems with Bounded Kinetic Terms   by  Marco Baldovin
Superradiance, 2nd ed.   by  Richard Brito, Vitor Cardoso, Paolo Pani
Theory of Gyroscopic Effects for Rotating Objects   by  Ryspek Usubamatov
Treatise on the Magnetic Vector Potential   by  Kristján Óttar Klausen
Weigh Them All!   by  Sunny Vagnozzi

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