August and September 2018 New Books List

The EPS Library acquired the following new materials in August and September of 2018:

August 2018

  • Advances In Karst Research: Theory, Fieldwork And Applications, edited by M. Parise, et al. QE 471.15 S25 R47 2018
  • Reservoir Quality Of Clastic And Carbonate Rocks: Analysis, Modeling and Prediction, edited by P.J Armitage et al. QE 471.15 S25 R47 2018
  • Quantifying Uncertainty In Subsurface System, by Celine Scheidt, et al. QE 500 A5 236
  • Data-Driven Analytics for the Geological Storage of CO2, by Shahab Mohaghegh. QE 516 C37 M64 2018
  • Earthquake Hazard Assessment: India and Adjacent Regions, by Sreevalsa Kolathayar and T.G Sitharam. QE 537.2 I4 L88 2016
  • The Omega-Theory: A New Physics of Earthquakes, by Jure Zalorhar. QE 539.2 M37 Z35 2018
  • Inorganic Chemistry for Geochemistry and Environmental Sciences: Fundamentals and Applications, by George W. Luther. QH 541.15 C44 L88 2016
  • Bioinspired Materials Science and Engineering, 1st edition, edited by Guang Yang, et al. QP 517 B56 B4796 2018

September 2018

  • Southern African Landscapes and Environmental Change, edited by Peter J. Holmes and John Boardman. GB 447 S 68 2018
  • Primitive Meteorites and Asteroids: Physical, Chemical, and Spectroscopic Observations Paving the Way to Exploration, edited by Neyda Margarita Abreu Zambrano. QB 651 A 162 2018

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