‘Art of Medicine’ Exhibition Showcases Student Projects

Art of Medicine poster

The Art of Medicine exhibition is now open in Olin Library’s Ginkgo Room through June 29. This exhibition showcases students’ final projects from The Art of Medicine, one of five courses sponsored by the Provost’s Cross-School Interdisciplinary Teaching Grant Program.

This collaborative course, which brings together the arts, humanities, and medicine, is taught by Professor Rebecca Messbarger and Professor Patricia Olynyk. The course offers students a variety of encounters with the changing art of western medicine from ancient times to the present day and with new conceptualizations of the medicalized body in contemporary art and society.

Focusing on the evolution of medicine and its related practices, as well as visual and textual representations of sick and healthy, “normal” and “abnormal” bodies, the course highlights transformational moments in medicine and artistic interpretations of such moments. The exhibition features the students’ works of art in several traditional and non-conventional media including drawings on paper, textiles, Legos and ceramics. A wide range is also found in the subjects explored in these works—including ancient concoctions, medieval hospitals and AIDS awareness.

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