Software Spotlight: ArcGIS Pro

Many of our GIS users have come to rely on ArcGIS Desktop as their go-to geographic information system (GIS) software. However, an alternative that presents a more modern interface along with enhanced performance that many users will find attractive is freely available to the WashU community .  

ArcGIS Pro is the latest version of ESRI’s GIS desktop software featuring a complete redesign of the familiar ArcGIS Desktop product and conversion from a 32-bit to a 64-bit application. ArcGIS Pro features the more modern Windows ribbon toolbar configuration, supports 3D scenes, and is also more fully integrated with ESRI’s online mapping products (ArcGIS Online and Enterprise). WashU students, faculty, and staff may install either the traditional Desktop or the new Pro version of ArcGIS on their university or home/personal computers running Windows. See our Software Installation LibGuide for details.  


About the author

Bill is a GIS Analyst at Washington University's Olin Library. He can be reached by email: