April Springer eBooks

Advanced Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics   by  Lev I. Deych
Approximate Quantum Markov Chains   by  David Sutter
Astronomy of the Milky Way, 2nd ed.   by  Mike Inglis
Electromagnetic Form Factors of Charmed Baryons in Lattice QCD   by  Kadir Utku Can
Euroschool on Exotic Beams – Vol. 5   by  Christoph Scheidenberger, Marek Pfützner
Fibre Bragg Grating and No-Core Fibre Sensors   by  Suzairi Daud, Jalil Ali
Imaging the Messier Objects Remotely from Your Laptop   by  Len Adam
International Cooperation for Enhancing Nuclear Safety, Security, Safeguards and Non-proliferation–60 Years of IAEA and EURATOM   by  Luciano Maiani, Said Abousahl, Wolfango Plastino
Introduction to the Physics of Massive and Mixed Neutrinos, 2nd ed.   by  Samoil Bilenky
Mathematical Primer on Quantum Mechanics   by  Alessandro Teta
Micro- and Nanoflows   by  Valery Ya. Rudyak, Vladimir M. Aniskin, Anatoly A. Maslov, Andrey V. Minakov, Sergey G. Mironov
Multiple Scattering Theory for Spectroscopies   by  Didier Sébilleau, Keisuke Hatada, Hubert Ebert
Nanophotonics   by  Arthur McGurn
Nanoscale Biophysics of the Cell   by  Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman
Negative Frequency at the Horizon   by  Maxime J. Jacquet
Nonlinear Waves and Pattern Dynamics   by  Nizar Abcha, Efim Pelinovsky, Innocent Mutabazi
Quantization of Gravity   by  Claus Gerhardt
Role of Topology in Materials   by  Sanju Gupta, Avadh Saxena
Space Radiation and Astronaut Safety   by  Erik Seedhouse

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Alison Verbeck is the Physics Librarian at Washington University. For more information, contact Alison: alison@wustl.edu