April Physics Springer eBooks

Air-Stable Inverted Organic Light-Emitting Diodes   by  Katsuyuki Morii, Hirohiko Fukagawa
Basic Electronics Engineering   by  Satya Sai Srikant, Prakash Kumar Chaturvedi
Continuum Mechanics, Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing: Godunov’s Legacy   by  Gennadii V. Demidenko, Evgeniy Romenski, Eleuterio Toro, Michael Dumbser
Elastic and Thermoelastic Problems in Nonlinear Dynamics of Structural Members, 2nd ed.   by  Jan Awrejcewicz, Vadim A. Krysko
Electron and Phonon Spectrometrics   by  Chang Q Sun
Emerging Trends in Photonics, Signal Processing and Communication Engineering   by  Govind R. Kadambi, Preetham B. Kumar, Vasile Palade
Feature Learning and Understanding   by  Haitao Zhao, Zhihui Lai, Henry Leung, Xianyi Zhang
How Humankind Created Science   by  Falin Chen, Fang-Tzu Hsu
International Cooperation for Enhancing Nuclear Safety, Security, Safeguards and Non-proliferation   by  Luciano Maiani, Raymond Jeanloz, Micah Lowenthal, Wolfango Plastino
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods in Quantum Field Theories   by  Anosh Joseph
Mathematical Physics   by  V. Balakrishnan
Nanomaterials in Biomedical Application and Biosensors (NAP-2019)   by  Alexander D. Pogrebnjak, Maksym Pogorielov, Roman Viter
Nanophotonic Chemical Reactions   by  Takashi Yatsui
Nonlinear, Nonlocal and Fractional Turbulence   by  Peter William Egolf, Kolumban Hutter
Physics of Solid-State Laser Materials   by  Zundu Luo, Yidong Huang
Polarization Correlometry of Scattering Biological Tissues and Fluids   by  V. T. Bachinskyi, O. Ya. Wanchulyak, A. G. Ushenko, Yu. A. Ushenko, A. V. Dubolazov, Igor Meglinski
Progress and Visions in Quantum Theory in View of Gravity   by  Felix Finster, Domenico Giulini, Johannes Kleiner, Jürgen Tolksdorf
Quantum Internet   by  Gösta Fürnkranz
Scientific Papers of Ettore Majorana, 2nd ed.   by  Luisa Cifarelli
SELL YOUR RESEARCH   by  Alexia Youknovsky, James Bowers
Structure of Multielectron Atoms   by  Anders Kastberg
Studying Compact Star Equation of States with General Relativistic Initial Data Approach   by  Enping Zhou
SU(3) Symmetry in Atomic Nuclei   by  V. K. B. Kota
Transport of Energetic Electrons in Solids, 3rd ed.   by  Maurizio Dapor
X-ray Pulsar-based Navigation   by  Wei Zheng, Yidi Wang

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Alison Verbeck is the Physics Librarian at Washington University. For more information, contact Alison: alison@wustl.edu