May Math Springer Books

(Almost) Impossible Integrals, Sums, and Series   by  Cornel Ioan Vălean
Actuarial Aspects of Long Term Care   by  Etienne Dupourqué , Frédéric Planchet, Néfissa Sator
Advanced Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences   by  Jonathon D. Brown
Analysis of Doubly Truncated Data   by  Achim Dörre, Takeshi Emura
Analysis of Operators on Function Spaces   by  Alexandru Aleman, Haakan Hedenmalm, Dmitry Khavinson, Mihai Putinar
Analysis of Pseudo-Differential Operators   by  Shahla Molahajloo, M. W. Wong
Analysis, Probability, Applications, and Computation   by  Karl‐Olof Lindahl, Torsten Lindström, Luigi G. Rodino, Joachim Toft, Patrik Wahlberg
Analyzing Dependent Data with Vine Copulas   by  Claudia Czado
Applied Stochastic Control of Jump Diffusions, 3rd ed.   by  Bernt Øksendal, Agnès Sulem
Approximation and Optimization   by  Ioannis C. Demetriou, Panos M. Pardalos
Bhāskara-prabhā   by  K. Ramasubramanian, Takao Hayashi, Clemency Montelle
Biological Systems: Nonlinear Dynamics Approach   by  Jorge Carballido-Landeira, Bruno Escribano
Carleman Inequalities   by  Nicolas Lerner
Computational and Theoretical Aspects of Elliptic Curves   by  Zhibin Liang, Chandrakant Aribam
Computational Diffusion MRI   by  Elisenda Bonet-Carne, Francesco Grussu, Lipeng Ning, Farshid Sepehrband, Chantal M. W. Tax
Construction of Wavelets Through Walsh Functions   by  Yu. A. Farkov, Pammy Manchanda, Abul Hasan Siddiqi
Convex and Stochastic Optimization   by  J. Frédéric Bonnans
Cryptography with Shrinking Generators   by  Sara Díaz Cardell, Amparo Fúster-Sabater
Cryptology and Error Correction   by  Lindsay N. Childs
Dose-Finding Designs for Early-Phase Cancer Clinical Trials   by  Takashi Daimon, Akihiro Hirakawa, Shigeyuki Matsui
Dynamical Systems by Example   by  Luís Barreira, Claudia Valls
Endotrivial Modules   by  Nadia Mazza
Fractal Dimension for Fractal Structures   by  Manuel Fernández-Martínez, Juan Luis García Guirao, Miguel Ángel Sánchez-Granero, Juan Evangelista Trinidad Segovia
Functional Dynamic Equations on Time Scales   by  Svetlin G. Georgiev
Groupes algébriques semi-simples en dimension cohomologique ≤2   by  Philippe Gille
Hermitian Analysis, 2nd ed.   by  John P. D’Angelo
High-dimensional Microarray Data Analysis   by  Shuichi Shinmura
Index theory in nonlinear analysis   by  Chungen Liu
Introduction to Interrater Agreement for Nominal Data   by  Roel Popping
Introduction to Quantum and Vassiliev Knot Invariants   by  David M. Jackson, Iain Moffatt
Introduction to Queueing Systems with Telecommunication Applications, 2nd ed.   by  László Lakatos, László Szeidl, Miklós Telek
Introduction to Symplectic Geometry   by  Jean-Louis Koszul, Yi Ming Zou
Introduction to Topology   by  Tej Bahadur Singh
Invitation to Alexandrov Geometry   by  Stephanie Alexander, Vitali Kapovitch, Anton Petrunin
Invitation to Geomathematics   by  Willi Freeden, Clemens Heine, M. Zuhair Nashed
Kato’s Type Inequalities for Bounded Linear Operators in Hilbert Spaces   by  Silvestru Sever Dragomir
Linear Algebra and Group Theory for Physicists and Engineers   by  Yair Shapira
Linear and Quasilinear Parabolic Problems   by  Herbert Amann
Lipschitz Functions   by  Ştefan Cobzaş, Radu Miculescu, Adriana Nicolae
Mathematical Foundations of Nature-Inspired Algorithms   by  Xin-She Yang, Xing-Shi He
Mathematics of Voting and Apportionment   by  Sherif El-Helaly
Mathematics, Education, and Other Endangered Species   by  Shlomo Vinner
Modeling and Optimization in Space Engineering   by  Giorgio Fasano, János D. Pintér
Modern SABR Analytics   by  Alexandre Antonov, Michael Konikov, Michael Spector
Moments of Linear Positive Operators and Approximation   by  Vijay Gupta, Michael Th. Rassias
New Tools for Nonlinear PDEs and Application   by  Marcello D’Abbicco, Marcelo Rempel Ebert, Vladimir Georgiev, Tohru Ozawa
Nonlinear PDEs, Their Geometry, and Applications   by  Radosław A. Kycia, Maria Ułan, Eivind Schneider
Non-Self-Adjoint Differential Operators, Spectral Asymptotics and Random Perturbations   by  Johannes Sjöstrand
Nonstandard Methods in Ramsey Theory and Combinatorial Number Theory   by  Mauro Di Nasso, Isaac Goldbring, Martino Lupini
Notes from the International Autumn School on Computational Number Theory   by  Ilker Inam, Engin Büyükaşık
Notes on the Stationary p-Laplace Equation   by  Peter Lindqvist
Numerical Methods of Mathematics Implemented in Fortran   by  Sujit Kumar Bose
On the Class Number of Abelian Number Fields   by  Helmut Hasse
On Stein’s Method for Infinitely Divisible Laws with Finite First Moment   by  Benjamin Arras, Christian Houdré
Orlicz Spaces and Generalized Orlicz Spaces   by  Petteri Harjulehto, Peter Hästö
Personality Traits and Drug Consumption   by  Elaine Fehrman, Vincent Egan, Alexander N. Gorban, Jeremy Levesley, Evgeny M. Mirkes, Awaz K. Muhammad
Probability and Analysis in Interacting Physical Systems   by  Peter Friz, Wolfgang König, Chiranjib Mukherjee, Stefano Olla
Problems on Partial Differential Equations   by  Maciej Borodzik, Paweł Goldstein, Piotr Rybka, Anna Zatorska-Goldstein
Quantitative Psychology   by  Marie Wiberg, Steven Culpepper, Rianne Janssen, Jorge González, Dylan Molenaar
Quantitative Stochastic Homogenization and Large-Scale Regularity   by  Scott Armstrong, Tuomo Kuusi, Jean-Christophe Mourrat
Representations of Reductive p-adic Groups   by  Anne-Marie Aubert, Manish Mishra, Alan Roche, Steven Spallone
Shapes and Diffeomorphisms, 2nd ed.   by  Laurent Younes
Siegel Modular Forms   by  Ameya Pitale
Studies in Indian Mathematics and Astronomy   by  Aditya Kolachana, K. Mahesh, K. Ramasubramanian
Undergraduate Algebra   by  Matej Brešar
XFT Quadrature in Discrete Fourier Analysis   by  Rafael G. Campos
Yield Curves and Forward Curves for Diffusion Models of Short Rates   by  Gennady A. Medvedev

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