April and May 2018 New Books List

The EPS Library acquired the following new materials in April and May of 2018:

May 2018

  • The Vulnerable Andaman and Nicobar Islands: a Study of Disasters and Response, by Punama Tripathi. DS486.5 A5 T75 2018
  • The Nature of Disaster in China: the 1931 Yangzi River Flood, by Chris Courtney. GB1399.5 C6 C68 2018
  • Bridging Science and Policy Implication for Managing Climate Extremes, edited by Hong-Sang Jung, et al. QC981.8 C53 B75 2018
  • Integrating Social and Behavioral Sciences within the Weather Enterprise, by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. QC995 I57 2018
  • A Brief History of Geology, by Kieran D. O’Hara. QE11 O33 2018
  • Applications and Investigations in Earth Science, by Edward J. Tarbuck and Frederick K. Lutgens. QE44 T37 2019

April 2018

  • Red Sea: Historical Significance, Properties and Economic Importance, edited by Delbert Robbins. DT39 R43 2018
  • Geospatial Data Science Techniques and Applications, edited by Hassan A. Karimi and Bobak Karimi. G70.217 G46 K34 2018
  • Endless Caverns: An Underground Journey into the Show Caves of Appalachia, by Douglas Reichert Powell. GB605 A7 R45 2018
  • Introduction to Planetary Geomorphology, by Ronald Greeley. QB603 G46 G74 2013 c.2
  • Weather and Society: Toward Integrated Approaches, by Eve Gruntfest. QC981.45 G76 2018
  • Fractals: Concepts and Applications in Geosciences, edited by Behzad Ghanbarian and Allen G. Hunt. QE33.2 F73 F6845 2017
  • Structure and Tectonics of the Indian Continental Crust and its Adjoining Reason, by Harish C. Tawari, et al. QE511.4 T49 2018
  • Microseismic Monitoring, by Vladimir Grechka and Werner M. Heigl. QE593.2 M5 G746 2017
  • Electronic Waste: Reuse, Recycling and Export Considerations, edited by Jermaine L. Price and Richard C. Cooper. TD799.85 E446 2012

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