American Fiction, 1774-1920–NEW DATABASE

americanfiction The WU Libraries have purchased American Fiction, 1774-1920, a full text database from Gale. The database includes multiple search, downloading, and printing options.

SUMMARY OF THE DATABASE: American Fiction, 1774-1920 encompasses prose fiction written by Americans from colonial times to the early twentieth century. The titles to the year 1900, which are available as of March 2016, include nearly all of the works found in Lyle H. Wright’s three-volume American Fiction: A Contribution Toward a Bibliography, which is widely considered the most comprehensive bibliography of American adult prose fiction of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The collection includes novels, short stories, romances, fictitious biographies, travel accounts and sketches, allegories, and tract-like tales typifying the development of American literature in a changing culture. Titles published between 1901 and 1920 will be released to the collection by July 2016. Books published in the years 1901-1910 are sourced from the Library of Congress Shelf List of American Adult Fiction. The period 1911-1920 is built on the Geoffrey D. Smith bibliography, which is sourced from the William Charvat Collection of American Fiction at The Ohio State University Libraries. When completed, the entire archive will consist of about 17,750 titles, or 4.7 million fully searchable pages.

For more information on American Fiction, 1774-1920, see this introductory video. For questions, contact Brian ( ; 5-4824 ; IM/chat ; Olin, rm. 124).

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Brian Vetruba is Germanic Languages and Literatures, Comparative Literature, and European Studies Librarian at Washington University in St. Louis