Acquisitions for history of science, medicine & technology, Feb.-Mar. 2018

This is a list of books added to our catalog with call number Q-T and history or biography in the subject headings plus a few books ordered by request. This is not a comprehensive list of new books. There are certainly other new books related to the history of science, technology and medicine, so please search the catalog for specific titles. Requests welcome! You can send requests to Ruth Lewis, to your primary Subject Librarian, or to the book request form. Please specify format when you care; while there are good reasons to buy ink-on-paper book or ebooks when they are available on user-friendly platforms, I would prefer to avoid stretching our limited budget to buy BOTH formats. Please click on the titles for current location and status of the book. Remember that the Becker Medical Library also adds books and ebooks which may interest WU history of science folks!

4 saints in 3 acts : a snapshot of the American avant-garde in the 1930s / edited by Patricia Allmer and John Sears. Manchester : Manchester University Press London : In collaboration with The Photographers’ Gallery, 2017.;”©2017″ paper book
American psychosis : how the Federal government destroyed the mental illness treatment system / E. Fuller Torrey, MD. Oxford : Oxford University Press, [2014] paper book
American tropics : the Caribbean roots of biodiversity science / Megan Raby. Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2017] paper book
Biological sciences in the twentieth century / Merriley Borell. New York : Scribner, ©1989. paper book
Birth of the pill : how four crusaders reinvented sex and launched a revolution / Jonathan Eig. New York : W.W. Norton & Company, 2015. paper book
Calculus story : a mathematical adventure / David Acheson. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017. paper book
Ciencia en la historia de México / Eli de Gortari. Ciudad de México : Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2016. paper book
Comparable body : analogy and metaphor in ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Greco-Roman medicine / edited by John Z. Wee. Leiden Boston : Brill, [2017] paper book
Correspondence of Charles Hutton, (1737-1823) : mathematical network in Georgian Britain / editor, Benjamin Wardhaugh. Oxford, United Kingdom New York : Oxford University Press, 2017. paper book
Development of science during this century Weisskopf, Victor Frederick CERN Yellow Reports: Monographs Open access ebook
Einstein and the quantum : the quest of the valiant Swabian / A. Douglas Stone with a new preface by the author. Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2015. paper book
Essais d’histoire de la pensée scientifique au Japon moderne : la pensée japonaise sur les sciences approximativement entre les années 1860 et 1930 / Kanamori Osamu hen. Tokyo : Keiso Shobo, 2017. paper book
Essays. Selections; Yamai to mukiau Edo jidai : gaikan, sake to nikushoku, utsu to shinjo, shussan, saigai, tero / Iwashita Tetsunori cho. Tokyo-to Meguro-ku : Hokuju Shuppan, 2017. paper book
Eugenic mind project / Robert A. Wilson. Cambridge, Massachusetts : MIT Press, [2018] paper book
Evolution of Molecular Biology: The Search for the Secrets of Life Kensal van Holde and Jordanka Zlatanova Science Direct
Exhibiting craft and design : transgressing the White Cube Paradigm, 1930-present / edited by Alla Myzelev. Abingdon, Oxon New York, New York : Routledge, 2017. ebook
Filmmaker’s view : 100 years of ARRI / edited by ARRI AG text, Mark Hope-Jones, Sophie Kill. Munich : Hirmer Verlag, [2017] paper book
Fires : how a computer formula, big ideas, and the best of intentions burned down New York City–and determined the future of cities / Joe Flood. New York : Riverhead Books, 2011. paper book
From clinic to concentration camp : reassessing Nazi medical and racial research, 1933-1945 / edited by Paul Weindling. London New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017. paper book
Further Adventures of the Celestial Sleuth: Using Astronomy to Solve More Mysteries in Art, History, and Literature Donald W. Olson Springer ebooks
Greek Medical Literature and its Readers: From Hippocrates to Islam and Byzantium Edited By Petros Bouras-Vallianatos, Sophia Xenophontos Open access ebook
Incompleat chymist : being an essay on the eighteenth-century chemist in his laboratory, with a dictionary of obsolete chemical terms of the period / Jon Eklund. Washington [D.C] : Smithsonian Institution Press, 1975. paper book
Interactive and sculptural printmaking in the Renaissance / by Suzanne Karr Schmidt. Leiden ; Boston : Brill, [2018] paper book
Interior West : a fire survey / Stephen J. Pyne. Tucson : The University of Arizona Press, 2017. paper book
Islamicate celestial globes, their history, construction, and use / Emilie Savage-Smith with a chapter on iconography by Andrea P.A. Belloli. Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian Institution Press, 1985. paper book
Joseph Saxton and his contributions to the medal ruling and photographic arts / Arthur H. Frazier. Washington : Smithsonian Institution Press : [For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off.], 1975. paper book
Karaṇapaddhati of Putumana Somayājī Venketeswara Pai, K. Ramasubramanian, M.S. Sriram, M.D. Srinivas Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences Springer ebooks
Lighthouse and the observatory : Islam, science, and empire in late Ottoman Egypt / Daniel A. Stolz, Northwestern University. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018. paper book
Living with epidemics in colonial Bengal : 1818-1945 / Arabinda Samanta. London New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018. paper book
Lost Notebook of ENRICO FERMI: The True Story of the Discovery of Neutron-Induced Radioactivity Francesco Guerra, Nadia Robotti Springer ebooks
Lynx and the telescope : the parallel worlds of Cesi and Galileo / by Paolo Galluzzi translated by Peter Mason. Leiden Boston : Brill, [2017] paper book
Magician and the cinema / Erik Barnouw. New York : Oxford University Press, 1981. paper book
Making time : astronomical time measurement in Tokugawa Japan / Yulia Frumer. Chicago London : The University of Chicago Press, 2018. paper book
Medical licensing and discipline in America : a history of the Federation of State Medical Boards / David A. Johnson and Humayun J. Chaudhry. Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books : Copublished with the Federation of State Medical Boards, [2012] paper book
Michel Sittow : Estonian painter at the courts of Renaissance Europe / John Oliver Hand and Greta Koppel with Till-Holger Borchert [and three others]. Washington : National Gallery of Art Tallinn : Art Museum of Estonia New Haven : in association with Yale University Press, [2017] paper book
Most elegant equation : Euler’s formula and the beauty of mathematics / David Stipp. New York : Basic Books, [2017] paper book
Nervous stage : nineteenth-century neuroscience and the birth of modern theatre / Matthew Wilson Smith. New York : Oxford University Press, [2018] paper book
New Deal’s forest army : how the Civilian Conservation Corps worked / Benjamin F. Alexander. Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018. paper book
Origin and evolution of comets : ten years after the Nice model and one year after Rosetta / Hans Rickman, Uppsala University, Sweden & PAS Space Research Center, Poland. Singapore Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., [2018] paper book
Palgrave handbook of infertility in history : approaches, contexts and perspectives / Gayle Davis, Tracey Loughran, editors. London : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017] paper book
Palgrave Handbook of the History of Surgery. [only 2 Wellcome-funded chapters included] “Included Chapters: Surgery and Emotion: The Era Before AnaesthesiaMichael Brown. AND Surgery, Imperial Rule and Colonial Societies (1800–1930): Technical, Institutional and Social HistoriesKieran Fitzpatrick.” NCBI bookshelf
Plague and contagion in the Islamic Mediterranean / edited by Nükhet Varlik. Newark : Rutgers University, [2017] paper book
Robert Hooke and the English renaissance / edited by Paul Kent and Allan Chapman. Leominster, Herefordshire : Gracewing, 2005. paper book
Scientific Legacy of William Herschel Clifford J. Cunningham Springer ebooks
Species: the Evolution of the Idea John S. Wilkins Taylor & Francis ebooks (via CRCnetBase subscription)
Swift as an arrow : the story of Thomas Benoist, pioneer aviator / by Melody Davis and Gary R. Liming. [Chesterfield, Mo.] : Mindwings Press, [2017] paper book
Universal Computer: The Road from Leibniz to Turing, Third Edition Martin Davis Taylor & Francis ebooks (via CRCnetBase subscription)
William Hunter and his eighteenth-century cultural worlds : the anatomist and the fine arts / Helen McCormack. Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018. paper book

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