Accelerating Science and Publication in Biology, ASAPbio

If you missed the ASAPBio conference held at HHMI Feb. 16-17, 2016, there is still a lot of information on the website, including Readings and Comments, a 4-minute video What are Preprints?, a video archive of the live-stream, and much more. Paul Ginsparg, founder of the popular physics-math-computational biology preprint server arXiv, gave the keynote (included in the video archive), which had some very funny moments, such as when he said he was excited to see biologists finally join the 1990’s [when arXiv was founded]. I suspect several researchers will begin to use BioArXiv more after this conference. Some risks remain, especially for young researchers, since whether preprints “count” for tenure review and grant requests is still an open question in some cases. Feelings of competition and the fear of being scooped were also concerns, although Paul Ginsparg said you can’t be scooped after the preprint is public and dates of versions are obvious. I missed a lot of the conference, but I didn’t hear any discussion about starting the patent “clock” with distribution of a preprint, but that isn’t a concern in too many areas of biology. Publishers and funders may begin to change their reception of preprints also, at least several publisher and funder representatives attended the conference.

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