Workshops & Tours

To schedule an Olin Library orientation or tour, contact the Olin Library Reference Help Desk or call (314) 935-5410. For departmental or school libraries, contact each library directly.

The Libraries conducts workshops throughout the semester covering a variety of topics. Workshop listings and registration are available on the Research Studios Calendar. To request a customized workshop for your class, contact: Melissa Vetter at (314) 935-5079.
Library tours are offered each fall and spring semester and available upon request at all University Libraries throughout the year. They are offered as part of all orientation programs. Tours enable users to learn about the Libraries’ collections, services, resources, and the physical layout of the building. Users also have an opportunity to ask questions and meet library staff. Tours may vary in duration; some may be as short as twenty minutes and others may take an hour or longer.

For tours by appointment, contact Rudolph Clay at (314) 935-5059. For self-guided tours, come to the Help Desk for a guide.

Undergraduate Orientations

Undergraduate student library orientations are offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Although these introductory sessions are designed for new students, anyone is welcome. For the Fall semester, two days of scheduled electronic demonstrations and library tours are held in Olin Library the week before classes begin. Olin has also conducted orientation sessions specifically for international students in cooperation with the Washington University International Office. Students were given information packets and received a demonstration of the Libraries’ website and a tour of the library. Olin also schedules additional tours during the first three weeks of classes.

At the beginning of the Spring semester, Olin Library offers library orientations for new and transfer students. These sessions are conducted in cooperation with the College of Arts and Sciences and are designed to provide a basic introduction to the Libraries’ services and resources. Students are given a tour of the library and meet library staff.

During the Summer session, the Libraries participate in the “Arts/Sci Summer Weekends” Program for incoming freshmen. Students are given tours of Olin Library, information packets, and an introduction to the Libraries’ web site with opportunity for hands-on practice.

Graduate Student Orientation and Open House

Every Fall, the Libraries host an open house for graduate students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering. The two-hour program is designed to give new graduate students the opportunity to meet subject librarians, other library staff, and other graduate students. Students are given a tour of the library, an introduction to the Libraries’ services and resources, and information packets.

New Faculty Luncheons

Subject librarians want to get to know new faculty and learn more about their research and teaching interests.  In order to accomplish this goal, librarians will reach out to all new Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Sam Fox School of Art and Architecture faculty in order to arrange one-on-one and small group luncheons.  Consult the subject librarians listing to learn more about your librarian or contact Melissa Vetter, Head of Research Services at Olin Library, (314) 935-5079.

April Welcome

April Welcome is an annual campus-wide event for prospective students and their parents to learn more about the University. These students have been officially accepted to the University and want to decide if they will attend the University in the Fall. On Mondays and Fridays throughout the month of April, Olin Library offers scheduled electronic demonstrations and library tours. Students and their parents have an opportunity to find out about the libraries’ services and resources and meet library staff.

Activities Fairs

During the Fall and Spring semesters, campus-wide activities fairs enable students to find
out about campus resources and services. The Libraries take this opportunity to host an information booth for the fourteen campus libraries. Library staff are available to answer questions and distribute information and souvenirs about the Libraries to hundreds of students. 

Subject and Course-specific classes

Library instruction is most effective when it is tied to a specific assignment or course. Faculty are therefore encouraged to schedule their subject librarian to meet with their classes to show them library research methods. Librarians will design lectures and demonstrations that meet particular research demands of the class. For more information, please contact the subject librarian in your field.

Writing 1

Olin Library reference librarians teach sessions in the use of the library and its resources for Writing 1 classes. Writing 1 Papers: Guide to Library Research is available for use by librarians, students, and Writing 1 instructors. The guide is a tool, and is not intended to replace a library instruction session.

Individualized Instruction

Librarians are available by appointment to meet with Hilltop faculty, staff, and students for individualized training in the use of the library’s resources. Sessions will be customized to fit the individual’sresearch needs and can include any sort of information resources such as the library catalog, journal indexes, and/or the Internet. To schedule a meeting, or for more information, please contact the subject librarian in your field.

International Graduate Student Orientation
During the Fall orientation period in August, Olin Library reference librarians conduct a two-hour workshop for new international graduate students. The students learn what they can expect to find in the Libraries, about tools and resources which are available online, and how to obtain resources available from other libraries. A library tour is included to familiarize the students with the physical arrangement of Olin Library. International students may sign up to attend by contacting the International Office.

Orientation and Tours
Tours of Olin Library introduce new users to the physical arrangement within the building and the information resources and services we offer. Drop-in tours (no registration necessary) for new students are given during the orientation period before the Fall Semester and during the first few weeks of the semester. Ask at the Reference Help Desk on Level 1 for a schedule. Other tours for individuals and groups are available upon request. Contact the Reference Help Desk (935-5410).

For orientation at a school or departmental library, contact the relevant library.