Posting and Digital Signage Policy

Posting Non-Library Notices in the University Libraries

We provide designated bulletin boards and whiteboards for posting non-library notices in the following areas:

  • Olin Library: Bulletin board in Whispers cafe, near vending and copy machine
  • Art and Architecture Library: Bulletin board in the stairway to the entrance
  • Chemistry: Bulletin board above the New Books display
  • Music: Bulletin board in the breezeway
  • Physics: On the entry door to Library

Priority for space in these locations is given to the university community.

Outdated and duplicated notices will be removed. The University Libraries will remove and recycle out-of-date postings every Friday afternoon and will clear the board completely on the last Friday of each month.

Prohibited Posting Spaces

Posting of non-library notices (including posters, notes, announcements, flyers, advertisements, signs, and handbills) in public areas of the University Libraries, with the exception of the designated bulletin boards and whiteboards as listed above, is prohibited. Notices posted in these areas will be removed. Public areas include:

  • book stacks
  • doors and doorways
  • hallways
  • lobbies
  • study rooms
  • restrooms
  • stairwells
  • windows
  • columns
  • library building entrances and exterior columns

Public Areas for Library-Sponsored Activities

Public areas of the University Libraries are reserved for library-sponsored activities in order to:

  • Ensure unimpeded access to library resources and spaces
  • Maintain the libraries as campus spaces dedicated to research and scholarship
  • Increase the effectiveness of library-related exhibits and displays

Digital Signage

The University Libraries have several monitors displaying electronic signage throughout John M. Olin Library. The University Libraries accept submissions of slides from groups and departments across Washington University.

Content Requirements

Washington University Student Content Requirements

  • Any student or student group that would like to have a slide included on the University Libraries’ digital signage must be sponsored by a Student Union Student Group.
  • Acceptable content includes event advertising, student group position announcements, and informational or educational postings.

Washington University Departments/Units/Programs Content Requirements

  • Any Washington University department/unit/program that would like to have their slide included on the University Libraries’ digital signage must have their department/unit/program logo and contact information clearly visible on the posting.
  • Acceptable content includes event advertising, student job announcements, and informational or educational postings.

Prohibited Content

  • Postings may not make any reference to alcoholic beverages, or illicit drugs.
  • Sexist and discriminatory postings and postings containing offensive language are not allowed.

Image Use Rights

It is your responsibility to ensure that images used in the display design are either copyright free or you have obtained permission to use the image.

Artwork Format & Submission

Save your artwork with a 16:9 ratio. Save as an individual PowerPoint slide (.png, .jpg also accepted) and attached slide to an email to, along with instructions about the days it should be on display.

Submission Deadline

All submissions are due by Friday at 8:00 am for display the next week, starting on Monday.

All submissions display for one week unless otherwise specified.