A Call to Faculty: Take Part in Data Curation Pilot

6a01bb0813601d970d01b7c7cdd8d2970b-250wiAcross the scholarly landscape, there is a growing need for the archiving and storage of digital research materials. To address this demand, the WUSTL Libraries are initiating the Digital Research Materials Repository Curation Pilot. This project will utilize the Libraries’ expertise and current suite of services to manage, enhance, and preserve the outputs of research conducted at WUSTL. Given many of the recent funding requirements around data management and sharing, the Libraries anticipate a greater need for these services.

Faculty members are encouraged to participate in the data curation pilot. It’s a great way to promote and preserve digital research outputs, such as images, spreadsheets, metadata, and field data. We’re inviting faculty and researchers to submit proposals for the project. Here are a few of the ways you’ll benefit from curating your digital materials with the WU Libraries:

  • Your research time and investment will be safeguarded with a trusted, long-standing source.
  • Your data will be enriched beyond the standard storage and backup techniques.
  • Your materials will be archived and accessible for future researchers to reuse, which will increase the impact of your research.
  • You will meet grant funder and publisher requirements.
  • You will improve the discoverability and citeability of your research materials through the assignment of a DOI and the dissemination of your research to international linked data platforms.

To get started, fill out this form: bit.ly/1fLoqJl. If you have additional questions or need more information, contact Digital Data Outreach Librarian Cynthia Hudson-Vitale at chudson@wustl.edu.

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