February New Physics Books

Accretion flows in astrophysics / Nikolay Shakura, editor.
QB466.A25 A23 2018

Anechoic and reverberation chambers : theory, design and measurements / Qian Xu, Yi Huang.
QC667.A54 X83 2019

Berry phases in electronic structure theory / David Vanderbilt.
QC176.8.E4 V36 2018

Fundamentals of quantum mechanics / Ajit Kumar.
QC174.12 .K85 2018

An introductory guide to computational methods for the solution of physics problems : with emphasis on spectral methods / George Rawitscher, Victo dos Santos Filho, Thiago Carvalho Peixoto.
QC20 .R29 2018

Is it the ‘same’ result : replication in physics / Allan Franklin.
QC30 .F735 2018

A practical introduction to beam physics and particle accelerators / Santiago Bernal.
QC793.3.B4 B477 2018

PT symmetry in quantum and classical physics / Carl M. Bender.
QC174.17.S9 B46 2019

Quantum many-body physics in a nutshell / Edward Shuryak.
QC174.17.P7 S58 2019

Relativity : the special and general theory / Albert Einstein.
QC173.6 .E367 R45 2019

Solid state physics.
QC173 .S477 v.69

Sound objects / editors, James A. Steintrager and Rey Chow.
QC225.7 .S68 2019

Theory and experiment in gravitational physics / Clifford M. Will.
QC178 .W47 2018

Time : from Earth rotation to atomic physics / Dennis D. McCarthy, P. Kenneth Seidelmann.
QB213 .M385 2018

Zeros of polynomials and solvable nonlinear evolution equations / Francesco Calogero.
QC20.7.E88 C268 2018

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