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GoetheindiaAcross Literary and Linguistic Diversities : Essays on Comparative Literature. Oxford : Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, 2014.

Comparative literary studies face new challenges today in a world marked by the migration of people, languages, ideas and texts across diverse and increasingly porous borders. The field is restricted by conventional notions of comparativism born in the era of nationalism and colonialism. However, scholars are now provoked to rethink these notions as a result of the social, economic and political forces that drive the contemporary world, which simultaneously draw it into an ever tighter global network and create new, or reassert persisting, lines of division. What are the conceptual and methodological questions that must engage our attention if comparativism, as recent debates suggest, has to revive its critical potential and chart afresh the future of literary studies? The essays in this volume attempt to rethink comparison in this context through theoretical reflections and concrete comparative analyses. They investigate similarities and differences, connections and references, across diverse literary and linguistic cultures in Indian, German and other European literatures. This volume is the 2014 Yearbook of the Goethe Society of India.

Arthurofitalians The Arthur of the Italians : the Arthurian legend in Medieval Italian literature and culture / edited by Gloria Allaire and F. Regina Psaki. Cardiff : University of Wales Press, 2014.

CONTENTS:  Introduction: The Arthur of the Italians; 1 Arthuriana in the Italian Regions of Medieval Francophonia; 2 French Redactions in Italy: Rustichello da Pisa; 3 From France to Italy: The Tristan Texts; 4 The Italian Contribution: La Tavola Ritonda; 5 Narrative Structure in Medieval Italian Arthurian Romance; 6 Arthurian Material in Italian Cantari; 7 Arthur as Renaissance Epic; 8 The Arthurian Presence in Early Italian Lyric; 9 Arthur in Medieval Italian Short Narrative; 10 The Arthurian Tradition in the Three Crowns. 11 Arthur in Hagiography: The Legend of San Galgano12 Owners and Readers of Arthurian Books in Italy; 13 Arthurian Art in Italy; 14 Arthurian Art References; Bibliography: Primary Texts; Bibliography: Studies; Index of Manuscripts; General Index;

Benjohnson2 Ben Jonson and the Roman Frame of Mind.  Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2014.

Katharine Maus explores the biographical reasons for Jonson’s preference for particular Latin authors; the effects of Roman moral and psychological paradigms on his methods of characterization and generic choices; the connection between his critical theory and artistic practice; and the impact of Roman social theory on his portrayal of communities and on his peculiar relationship with his audiences. Originally published in 1985. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These paperback editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Comparativelyqueer Comparatively queer : interrogating identities across time and cultures / edited by Jarrod Hayes, Margaret R. Higonnet, and William J. Spurlin. New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

CONTENTS: Introduction: Comparing Queerly, Queering Comparison: Theorizing Identities between Cultures, Histories, and Disciplines / Jarrod Hayes, Margaret R. Higonnet, and William J. Spurlin — PART I: Crossing Time — Queer from the Very Beginning: (En)gendering the Vernacular in Medieval France / Kofi Campbell — Figural Historiography: Dogs, Humans, and Cynanthropic Becomings / Carla Freccero — Mapping Sapphic Modernity / Susan S. Lanser — “Fair Is Not Fair”: Queer Possibility and Fairground Performers in Western Europe and the United States, 1870-1935 / Francesca Canaď Sautman — Time’s Corpus: On Sexuality, Historiography, and the Indian Penal Code / Anjali Arondekar — PART II: Crossing Cultures — Double Trouble: Doing Gender in Hong Kong / Marie-Paule Ha — Universal Particularities: Conceptions of Sexuality, Nationality, and Culture in France and the United States / Thomas J.D. Armbrecht — “Words Create Worlds”: Rethinking Genre in the Animal Fables of Suniti Namjoshi and Vikram Seth / Bianca Jackson — Genet among the Palestinians: Sex, Betrayal, and the Incomparable Real / James Penney — Afterword: Comparisons Worth Making / Valerie Traub.

Introcomplit Introducing comparative literature : new trends and applications / César Domínguez, Haun Saussy and Darío Villanueva. New York : Routledge, 2015.

“Introducing Comparative Literature is a comprehensive guide to the field offering clear, concise information alongside useful analysis and examples. It frames the introduction within recent theoretical debates and shifts in the discipline whilst also addressing the history of the field and its practical application. Looking at Comparative Literature within the context of globalization, cosmopolitanism and post or transnationalism, the book also offers engagement and comparison with other visual media such as cinema and e-literature. The first four chapters address the broad theoretical issues within the field such as ‘interliterary theory’, decoloniality, and world literature, while the next four are more applied, looking at themes, translation, literary history and comparison with other arts. This engaging guide also contains a glossary of terms and concepts as well as a detailed guide to further reading”– Provided by publisher.

EnsayoModernismo, noventayochismo y novela : España y Europa : ensayo de literatura comparada / A.A. Longhurst. Oxford : Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, 2014.

Dentro de la literatura comparada, la nueva novela cultivada por los llamados noventayochistas en Espana ha sido practicamente excluida del canon del modernismo europeo, pues los intereses de esos escritores espanoles se consideraban muy distintos a los de los escritores europeos. Este ensayo muestra lo cuestionable de tal perspectiva, y apuesta por la insercion de los principales novelistas espanoles de la epoca modernista (aproximadamente 1890-1940) en la lista de honor del modernismo narrativo. Tras explicar el contexto filosofico, cultural, y literario, el autor estudia de forma sucinta y las compara con otras tantas de reconocidos novelistas que escribieron en alemán, francés, inglés, e italiano. El cuadro se completa con la mención de muchas otras obras relevantes, todo ello ordenado bajo distintos epígrafes como la razón, la personalidad, el tiempo, la sensibilidad y la lengua. El estudio comparado es esencial a la hora de establecer si junto a la indudable diversidad individual de todos estos escritores se halla también una fuente universal de intereses y acercamientos que establezcan los contornos de una comunidad literaria transnacional.

Travelsgenre Travels of a Genre : the Modern Novel and Ideology. Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2014.

If the modern Western novel is linked to the rise of a literate bourgeoisie with particular social values and narrative expectations, to what extent can that history of the novel be anticipated in non-Western contexts? In this bold, insightful work Mary Layoun investigates the development of literary practice in the Greek, Arabic, and Japanese cultures, which initially considered the novel a foreign genre, a cultural accoutrement of “”Western”” influence. Offering a textual and contextual analysis of six novels representing early twentieth-century and contemporary literary fiction in these.

Verballinghero Verbal Dueling in Heroic Narrative : the Homeric and Old English Traditions. Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2014.

This work is a rare cross-cultural study of one of the most universal dialogic genres: heroic flyting, or the verbal duel in which the heroes, prior to physical combat, make boastful claims that must be backed up through action in the arena of public contesting. Long recognized as an elemental behavioral paradigm in human consciousness, the contest has only recently emerged as a factor in the formation of Western intellectual traditions and modes of discourse. In presenting the verbal duel as a literary expression of the contest, Ward Parks shows how flyting interfaces words and physical action. He explores the place of flyting in the patterning of culture, both Eastern and Western, from Homeric and Old English martial narratives to current academic debate to such phenomena of popular culture as rap.

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