Math books and ebooks added April 2018

2016 MATRIX Annals Jan de Gier, Cheryl E. Praeger, Terence Tao MATRIX Book Series 1 Springer ebooks
50 Years with Hardy Spaces: A Tribute to Victor Havin Anton Baranov, Sergei Kisliakov, Nikolai Nikolski Operator Theory: Advances and Applications 261 Springer ebooks
Abstract Algebra: An Introductory Course Gregory T. Lee Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series Springer ebooks
Algorithmic and Experimental Methods in Algebra, Geometry, and Number Theory Gebhard Böckle, Wolfram Decker, Gunter Malle Springer ebooks
Analysis and Control of Polynomial Dynamic Models with Biological Applications Gábor Szederkényi, Attila Magyar and Katalin M. Hangos Science Direct
Analysis of Survival Data with Dependent Censoring: Copula-Based Approaches Takeshi Emura, Yi-Hau Chen SpringerBriefs in Statistics Springer ebooks
Approximate Quantum Markov Chains David Sutter SpringerBriefs in Mathematical Physics 28 Springer ebooks
Basic and advanced statistical tests : writing results sections and creating tables and figures / Amanda Ross, A.A. Ross Consulting and Research, USA and Victor L. Willson, Texas A&M University, USA. Rotterdam, The Netherlands : Sense Publishers, [2017] paper book
Bayesian Regression Modeling with INLA Xiaofeng Wang, Yu Yue Ryan, Julian J. Faraway Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Building Bridges Between Algebra and Topology Wojciech Chachólski, Tobias Dyckerhoff, John Greenlees, Greg Stevenson, Dolors Herbera, Wolfgang Pitsch, Santiago Zarzuela Advanced Courses in Mathematics – CRM Barcelona Springer ebooks
Chain Event Graphs Rodrigo A. Collazo, Christiane Goergen, Jim Q. Smith Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Classical Mirror Symmetry Masao Jinzenji SpringerBriefs in Mathematical Physics 29 Springer ebooks
Combinatorial Matrix Theory Richard A. Brualdi, Ángeles Carmona, P. van den Driessche, Stephen Kirkland, Dragan Stevanovi?, Andrés M. Encinas, Margarida Mitjana Advanced Courses in Mathematics – CRM Barcelona Springer ebooks
Computational Diffusion MRI: MICCAI Workshop, Québec, Canada, September 2017 Enrico Kaden, Francesco Grussu, Lipeng Ning, Chantal M. W. Tax, Jelle Veraart Mathematics and Visualization Springer ebooks
Conformal Geometry: Computational Algorithms and Engineering Applications Miao Jin, Xianfeng Gu, Ying He, Yalin Wang Springer ebooks
Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes: Tactile Mathematics, Art and Craft for all to Explore, Second Edition Daina Taimina Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Data Stewardship for Open Science: Implementing FAIR Principles Barend Mons Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Digital Signal Processing K. Deergha Rao, M.N.S. Swamy Springer ebooks
Discrete Stochastic Processes and Applications Jean-François Collet Universitext Springer ebooks
Eigenfunctions of the Laplacian of a Riemannian manifold / Steve Zelditch. Regional conference series in mathematics no. 125. Providence, Rhode Island : Published for the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences by the American Mathematical Society, with the support from the National Science Foundation, [2017] paper book
Excursion through Elementary Mathematics, Volume II: Euclidean Geometry Antonio Caminha Muniz Neto Problem Books in Mathematics Springer ebooks
Excursion through Elementary Mathematics, Volume III: Discrete Mathematics and Polynomial Algebra Antonio Caminha Muniz Neto Problem Books in Mathematics Springer ebooks
Farey sequences : duality and maps between subsequences / Andrey O. Matveev. Berlin Boston : De Gruyter, [2017] paper book
Fast Radial Basis Functions for Engineering Applications Marco Evangelos Biancolini Springer ebooks
Feferman on Foundations: Logic, Mathematics, Philosophy Gerhard Jäger, Wilfried Sieg Outstanding Contributions to Logic 13 Springer ebooks
Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers with Applications, 2nd ed, vol. 1 Thomas Koshy Safari Tech eBooks
Fractional Dynamic Calculus and Fractional Dynamic Equations on Time Scales Svetlin G. Georgiev Springer ebooks
Function Spaces with Uniform, Fine and Graph Topologies Robert A. McCoy, Subiman Kundu, Varun Jindal SpringerBriefs in Mathematics Springer ebooks
Fundamentals of Applied Multidimensional Scaling for Educational and Psychological Research Cody S. Ding Springer ebooks
Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems, Bilevel Programming and MPEC Didier Aussel, C.S. Lalitha Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics Springer ebooks
Geometric Function Theory in Higher Dimension Filippo Bracci Springer INdAM Series 26 Springer ebooks
Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry, Third Edition Edited By Csaba D. Toth, Joseph O’Rourke, Jacob E. Goodman Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Handbook of Mathematical Analysis in Mechanics of Viscous Fluids Yoshikazu Giga, Antonín Novotný Springer ebooks
History of the Priority Di∫pute between Newton and Leibniz: Mathematics in History and Culture Thomas Sonar Springer ebooks
Homological Methods, Representation Theory, and Cluster Algebras Ibrahim Assem, Sonia Trepode CRM Short Courses Springer ebooks
Illustrated Wavelet Transform Handbook: Introductory Theory and Applications in Science, Engineering, Medicine and Finance, Second Edition Paul S Addison Taylor & Francis purchased ebook
Independent Random Sampling Methods Luca Martino, David Luengo, Joaquín Míguez Statistics and Computing Springer ebooks
Introduction to Bayesian Estimation and Copula Models of Dependence Arkady Shemyakin; Alexander Kniazev Safari Tech eBooks
Introduction to Discrete-Valued Time Series Christian H. Weiss Safari Tech eBooks
Introduction to Multivariate Analysis [1981] Chris Chatfield Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Introduction to Number Theory with Cryptography, Second Edition James Kraft, Lawrence Washington Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Laplace Equation: Boundary Value Problems on Bounded and Unbounded Lipschitz Domains Dagmar Medková Springer ebooks
Lattices Applied to Coding for Reliable and Secure Communications Sueli I.R. Costa, Frédérique Oggier, Antonio Campello, Jean-Claude Belfiore, Emanuele Viterbo SpringerBriefs in Mathematics Springer ebooks
Lectures on Categorical Data Analysis Tamás Rudas Springer Texts in Statistics Springer ebooks
Linear Models and the Relevant Distributions and Matrix Algebra: a Unified Approach David A. Harville Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Markov Models & Optimization M.H.A. Davis Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Mathematical Foundations of Time Series Analysis: A Concise Introduction Jan Beran Springer ebooks
Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, 2nd ed Selçuk S. Bayin Safari Tech eBooks
Mathematical Modeling: Branching Beyond Calculus Crista Arangala, Nicolas S. Luke, Karen A. Yokley Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Mathematical Primer on Quantum Mechanics Alessandro Teta UNITEXT for Physics Springer ebooks
Mathematical Statistics Dieter Rasch; Dieter Schott Safari Tech eBooks
Mathematics of the Modernist Villa: Architectural Analysis Using Space Syntax and Isovists Michael J. Ostwald, Michael J. Dawes Mathematics and the Built Environment 3 Springer ebooks
Matrix Analysis and Applications Xian-Da Zhang Safari Tech eBooks
Matrix Inequalities and Their Extensions to Lie Groups Tin-Yau Tam, Xuhua Liu Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Meshing, Geometric Modeling and Numerical Simulation 1 Houman Borouchaki; Paul Louis George Safari Tech eBooks
Missing and Modified Data in Nonparametric Estimation with R Examples Sam Efromovich Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
New directions in locally compact groups / edited by Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, Nicolas Monod, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. London Mathematical Society lecture note series 447. Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018. paper book
New Trends in Approximation Theory: In Memory of André Boivin Javad Mashreghi, Myrto Manolaki, Paul Gauthier Fields Institute Communications 81 Springer ebooks
Nonlinear Waves and Pattern Dynamics Nizar Abcha, Efim Pelinovsky, Innocent Mutabazi Springer ebooks
Operations Research and Optimization: FOTA 2016, Kolkata, India, November 24-26 Samarjit Kar, Ujjwal Maulik, Xiang Li Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 225 Springer ebooks
Operator Theory in Different Settings and Related Applications: 26th IWOTA, Tbilisi, July 2015 Roland Duduchava, Marinus A. Kaashoek, Nikolai Vasilevski, Victor Vinnikov Operator Theory: Advances and Applications 262 Springer ebooks
Principles of Biostatistics, 2nd ed Marcello Pagano, Kimberlee Gauvreau Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Probability Distributions: With Truncated, Log and Bivariate Extensions Nick T. Thomopoulos Springer ebooks
Proceedings of the Pacific Rim Statistical Conference for Production Engineering: Big Data, Production Engineering and Statistics Dongseok Choi, Daeheung Jang, Tze Leung Lai, Youngjo Lee, Ying Lu, Jun Ni, Peter Qian, Peihua Qiu, George Tiao ICSA Book Series in Statistics Springer ebooks
Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2016 Peregrina Quintela, Patricia Barral, Dolores Gómez, Francisco J. Pena, Jerónimo Rodríguez, Pilar Salgado, Miguel E. Vázquez-Méndez Mathematics in Industry 26 Springer ebooks
Quantitative Psychology Marie Wiberg, Steven Culpepper, Rianne Janssen, Jorge González, Dylan Molenaar Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 233 Springer ebooks
Raoul Bott: Collected Papers, v.5: Biographies and Commentaries Loring W. Tu Contemporary Mathematicians Springer ebooks
Real Analysis and Probability R. M. Dudley Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Recent Developments in Structure-Preserving Algorithms for Oscillatory Differential Equations Xinyuan Wu, Bin Wang Springer ebooks
Reduced-Order Modeling (ROM) for Simulation and Optimization: Powerful Algorithms as Key Enablers for Scientific Computing Winfried Keiper, Anja Milde, Stefan Volkwein Springer ebooks
Risk Theory Hanspeter Schmidli Springer Actuarial Springer ebooks
Role of Topology in Materials Sanju Gupta, Avadh Saxena Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences 189 Springer ebooks
Second-Order Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis Methodology Dan Gabriel Cacuci Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Sequences, Groups, and Number Theory Valérie Berthé, Michel Rigo Trends in Mathematics Springer ebooks
Series of Bessel and Kummer-Type Functions Árpád Baricz, Dragana Jankov Maširević, Tibor K. Pogány Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2207 Springer ebooks
Signals and Systems K. Deergha Rao Springer ebooks
Spear Operators Between Banach Spaces Vladimir Kadets, Miguel Martín, Javier Merí, Antonio Pérez Lecture Notes in Mathematics 2205 Springer ebooks
Statistical Data Analysis Using SAS: Intermediate Statistical Methods 2nd ed. 2018 Mervyn G. Marasinghe, Kenneth J. Koehler Springer Texts in Statistics Springer ebooks
Stochastic Models for Time Series Paul Doukhan Mathématiques et Applications 80 Springer ebooks
Studies in Theoretical and Applied Statistics: SIS 2016, Salerno, Italy, June 8-10 Cira Perna, Monica Pratesi, Anne Ruiz-Gazen Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 227 Springer ebooks
Sugawara operators for classical Lie algebras / Alexander Molev. Mathematical surveys and monographs no. 229. Providence, Rhode Island : American Mathematical Society, [2018] paper book
Targeted Learning in Data Science: Causal Inference for Complex Longitudinal Studies Mark J. van der Laan, Sherri Rose Springer Series in Statistics Springer ebooks
Tensor Eigenvalues and Their Applications Liqun Qi, Haibin Chen, Yannan Chen Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics 39 Springer ebooks
Theories, sites, toposes : relating and studying mathematical theories through topos-theoretic ‘bridges’ / Olivia Caramello. Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018. paper book
Theory of Nonparametric Tests Thorsten Dickhaus Springer ebooks
Theory of Stochastic Objects: Probability, Stochastic Processes and Inference Athanasios Christou Micheas Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)
Tower of Hanoi – Myths and Maths 2nd ed. 2018 Andreas M. Hinz, Sandi Klavžar, Ciril Petr Springer ebooks
Weakly Stationary Random Fields, Invariant Subspaces and Applications Vidyadhar S. Mandrekar, David A. Redett Taylor & Francis (CRCnetbase subscription)

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