Celebrating Pride Month: Mouth of the Dragon

By Rose Miyatsu on June 30, 2018

In celebration of Pride Month, Special Collections has been highlighting materials in our collections that are by or related to members of the LGBT community. For our last post this month, we will be looking at the poetry journal Mouth of the Dragon. Washington University Libraries has all 18 iss...

News and notes for math & statistics, June 2018

By Ruth Lewis on June 29, 2018

Advances in Combinatorics, a new ArXiv overlay journal, is now open for submissions. Comments about this on Gower’s blog From Scholarly Communications @ WU Libraries June 2018: Scholarly communications selected links from June 2018

News and notes for biology, June 2018

By Ruth Lewis on June 29, 2018

NIH released its first Strategic Plan for Data Science. A lot of the infrastructure goals remind me of things WU is working on also. The plan commits to use of the FAIR Data Principles; FAIR= findable, accessible, intraoperable, re-usable. Reminder from Becker Medical Library: Tips to NIH Public ...

Scholarly communications selected links from June 2018

By Ruth Lewis on June 29, 2018

Impact factor/research evaluation and metrics in the news: Journal Citation Reports (JCR) 2018 Release (JCR 2017 data) is now available. More info. High-profile indexing service punishes 20 journals, issues unusual warning about five others, from Retraction Watch. “Clarivate is stripping 20...

June New Physics Books

By Alison Verbeck on June 29, 2018

Basic atomic interactions of accelerated heavy ions in matter : atomic interactions of heavy ions / Inga Tolstikhina, et al. QC702.7.H42 T64 2018 Fluid mechanics / Gregory Falkovich. QC145.2 .F35 2018 The future of humanity : terraforming Mars, interstellar travel, immortality, and our destiny be...

Publications from WU Biology Dept., June 2018

By Ruth Lewis on June 29, 2018

Publications lists are available at libguides.wustl.edu/biology/pubs. Augustine RC. 2018. Live and Let Die: Phosphatidic Acid Modulates the Self-Incompatibility Response. Plant Cell 30(5):950. PubMed citation & fulltext for subscribers. Chalker DL. 2018. Transgenerational Inheritance: Parenta...

Publications from WU Math & Statistics Dept., June 2018

By Ruth Lewis on June 29, 2018

Bloch S, Kerr M, Vanhove P. 2017. Local mirror symmetry and the sunset Feynman integral. Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 21(6):1373-1453.doi.org/10.4310/ATMP.2017.v21.n6.a1. [WU does not subscribe] Frankel S. 2018. Coarse hyperbolicity and closed orbits for quasigeodesic flows. A...

June Springer eBooks

By Alison Verbeck on June 29, 2018

Active Interrogation in Nuclear Security   by  Igor Jovanovic, Anna S. Erickson Apollo Mission Control   by  Manfred “Dutch” von Ehrenfried Beyond Einstein   by  David E. Rowe, Tilman Sauer, Scott A. Walter Coherent States and Their Applications   by  Jean-Pierre Antoine, Fabio Bagare...

Recently Published Papers in Physics

By Alison Verbeck on June 29, 2018

Title: Large longitudinal spin alignment generated in inelastic nuclear reactions Authors: Hoff, D.E.M.; Potel, G.; Brown, K.W.; Charity, R.J.; Pruitt, C.D.; Sobotka, L.G.; Webb, T.B.; Roeder, B.; Saastamoinen, A. Source: Physical Review C Volume: 97 Issue: 5 Pages: 054605 (11 pp.) Published: May...

Ovid databases, ebook and ejournals now available

By Ruth Lewis on June 29, 2018

Starting July 1, 2018, Ovid will no longer require a Username and Password to access and will be available to all WU users. In addition to databases (Ovid Medline and Health and Psychosocial Instruments), it will include over 1000 fulltext ebooks and over 500 fulltext ejournals. Many thanks to Be...